Industry placement program leads to successful placements for Business students

30 October 2023
Gain hands-on experience and secure placement opportunities with top-tier companies.
Four students recount their journey to employability via the Industry Placement Program, offering insights into how they gained practical experience at leading firms while earning credits towards their degrees.

The Industry Placement Program connects students with industry partners in Australia and abroad who provide a 10-week internship over the course of a semester or 6 weeks internationally during semester breaks.

Through the program, students gain quality industry experience and the opportunity to learn from the best in the field while earning credit towards their Business School degree.

Hear how the real-world experience and networks built through the Industry Placement Program resulted in valuable industry insights for four Business School students.

Developing professional skills at Macquarie Group

Picture of Gwenda Gu

Gwenda Gu, Bachelor of Commerce

During my time at Macquarie, I supported the Treasury Finance team within the Financial Management Group. This role encompassed vital responsibilities such as balance reporting, monitoring funds across diverse business lines, and implementing hedge accounting strategies to safeguard the company's financial well-being.

One of the defining moments of my journey at Macquarie so far, was my involvement in the fast-paced end-of-financial-year reporting period. This experience provided me with a firsthand understanding of the authentic work environment and the empowering culture that is embraced throughout the company. Immersed in this dynamic setting, I had not only acquired valuable insights in analysing financial statements, but also developed a profound attention to detail and multitasking skills which have now become ingrained in my professional character. I am eager to leverage these invaluable attributes into my future career.  

The Industry Placement Program offered a transformative experience for me to develop my professional skills, learn the essential competencies for thriving in the business world, and bridge the gap between theory and practice. I would strongly encourage all Commerce students to seize this opportunity to enhance your employability and be better prepared for future success.

Networking with industry experts at Nestlé

Photo of Terrence Wei

Terrence Wei, Master of Professional Accounting

During my time at Nespresso, I had the privilege of being placed in the Customer Relationship Centre's Planning and Reporting team, where I was tasked with building interactive dashboards tailored to the company's reporting requirements, focusing on individual and team productivity results. Working with Excel, I could apply the skills acquired during my Master of Professional Accounting degree in a real-world context, thereby honing my competency in the software and enhancing my ability to adapt and address various challenges. 

Throughout the enriching 10-week placement, I successfully developed six distinct dashboards, each representing crucial productivity data across the entire centre. This experience provided me with invaluable insights into the operations of the centre and the interconnections between different teams when handling customer inquiries and feedback. Being immersed in such a dynamic environment allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of a successful customer relationship center. 

One of the most memorable highlights of my internship was being invited to attend a prestigious product launch party for Nespresso's latest coffee machine. At this exclusive event, I had the privilege of networking with industry experts and top-level Nespresso executives. Engaging in conversations with seasoned professionals exposed me to the challenges they faced leading up to the product launch, providing me with invaluable knowledge and perspective. 

The IPP scholarship has been an invaluable aid, alleviating financial burdens and enabling the purchase of textbooks, while providing the freedom to concentrate on studies and my internship. This support significantly improved my employability because it provided me with experiences that I can look back and reflect on, which I have used in my graduate job interviews to secure myself a role at a top accounting firm. 

Supporting the Product & Technology team at Macquarie

Photo of Jacob lee

Jae (Jacob) Lee, Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Commerce

During my time with Macquarie Group's Product and Technology team within the Banking and Financial Services group, my primary responsibilities encompassed the identification and remediation of operational inefficiencies, active engagement with key stakeholders and the formulation of strategic technology implementations within the existing framework. 

Participating in the Industry Placement Program (IPP) taught me a wide array of technical skills and profound industry insights. Concurrently, I had the privilege of cultivating meaningful professional relationships throughout the duration of the program. More importantly, IPP provided an opportunity to proactively tailor my learning experience by challenging myself to solve complex problems.

This unique program facilitated the development of a clearer understanding of my prospective career trajectory, thereby significantly contributing to my future career decision-making process. I am very appreciative of my experience and will certainly apply the knowledge I've gained from this opportunity.

Implementing multiple communication strategies at Nestlé  

Photo of Chantelle Li

Chantelle Li, Master of Commerce (Extension) 

As a Communications Intern at Nestlé Nespresso, I worked on several projects that focused on increasing awareness around sustainability such as their StartCup Challenge, RE:CYCLE campaign and new partnership with Lottie Dalziel. My core responsibilities involved writing newsletter articles, conducting market research and competitor analysis, and monitoring the media. I also worked with agencies and internal stakeholders to implement and measure PR and influencer campaigns.

This internship allowed me to gain hands-on experience in a supportive environment and learn more about the media and public relations side of marketing communications, which was something that lacked in my previous roles. It was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and my career goals such as what motivates me, which marketing area I want to specialise in, and what type of work environment I thrive in the most.

I was also very fortunate to have been offered a Local Industry Placement Scholarship, which provided extensive support and enriched my experience interning at Nespresso. I had the opportunity to work alongside a Communications Manager who guided and mentored me throughout my internship, providing advice on my career path and professional development that I now take on with me.

If you are looking for an internship that fits your skill level and offers you opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, then I can’t speak highly enough of the Local Industry Placement Program. Not only will you contribute to various projects that can be rewarding and challenging, but you will also build confidence while developing your skills and knowledge in your field of interest under the guidance of an experienced professional. 

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