Internships, industry placements and experience

Gain industry experience and become work-ready
We offer a range of opportunities to all Business School students to work with and for our industry partners during your studies, so you'll graduate with the skills and experience you need to build an impactful career.

We believe that genuine work experience is essential to a degree in business.

Our dedicated and award-winning Work-Integrated Learning Hub provides elective/selective (for credit) options and work-ready learning experiences for all Business School students to put their learning into practice, gain critical employability skills and solve real problems in collaboration with industry partners through placements, internships, consulting projects and study tours.

Industry Experience: Interning with Ellerston Capital through the Bachelor of Commerce

Thomas shares his experience taking the Industry Placement Program as part of his Bachelor of Commerce degree through the Business School's Work-Integrated Learning Hub.

Industry Placement Program

Work with our industry partners locally or overseas while earning credit towards a Business School degree. You'll gain quality industry experience and have the opportunity to learn from the best in the field.

The Industry Placement Program offers a work placement for a minimum of 3 days per week for 10 weeks during a semester (Local), and 5 days per week for 6 weeks during the summer break (International).

Industry Placement Program opportunities are currently available in Australia and the USA. You'll have the opportunity to work with host organisations from a wide range of industries, including financial services, professional services and FMCG. Previous Local Industry Placement Program host organisations include Macquarie Group, Deloitte and Nestle. 

If you're a current student, learn more about eligibility, details and how to apply at the current students Industry Placement Program page.

The Industry Placement Program application process gives students the opportunity to participate in the pre-selection skill development activities, mirrored on graduate recruitment practice. Students who complete these activities will be awarded a digital badge in recognition of their participation.

Jessica Skinner

Jessica Skinner
United States Industry Placement Program participant
"The opportunity to immerse myself within the Tourism Australia team in Los Angeles allowed me to develop my marketing skills, while opening my eyes to many career avenues in marketing, communications and PR."
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Experience in Industry (previously Self-sourced Placement Program)

Experience in Industry offers you the opportunity to earn credit towards a Business School degree for work experience that you have sourced yourself. This can be a paid or unpaid placement or internship, as well as voluntary work.

You will be expected to undertake your work placement and also complete academic coursework during the semester.

If you're a current student, learn more about eligibility, details and how to apply at the current students Experience in Industry page.

Ricky Rangra

Ricky Rangra
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies
“I undertook my Experience in Industry placement at an investment bank. This made navigating the Australian financial services scene significantly easier, as I worked alongside seasoned professionals who taught me everything from generating rapport with clients to conducting the high-level analysis required to identify gaps in various markets.”
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Business Consulting Practicum

The Business Consulting Practicum is a consulting project that allows students to work with a company, small or medium-sized enterprise, not-for-profit or government organisation as part of a unit of study. You'll form a student consultancy with your classmates and collaborate on a live industry project throughout the semester.

Projects address a real problem or issue facing a partner organisation. In consultation with an industry partner, you'll apply your classroom knowledge to research, analyse information and propose a solution to the challenges identified.

The Business Consulting Practicum is available as a unit of study as BWIL1300 Business Practicum (Undergraduate) or BWIL6300 Business Practicum (Postgraduate).

If you're a current student, learn more about eligibility, details and how to enrol at the current students Business Consulting Practicum page

Claudia Wan

Qin Huang, Master of International Business
Master of Commerce
"The Business Consulting Practicum took us through the entire consulting process and gave us real-world experience through interactive exercises in the classroom and projects with industry partners."
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Industry Experience: Pitching to Bloomberg through a postgraduate business degree

Isabel shares her experience taking the Business Consulting Practicum as part of her Master of Commerce degree through the Business School's Work-Integrated Learning Hub.

Job Smart Edge

International postgraduate students participating in Job Smart Edge, our award-winning employability program, can complete BWIL6573, an intensive unit of study to prepare for the job market while working in teams on a real client project.

Learn more about the Job Smart Edge program.

Sherry Tang

Sherry Tang
Master of Commerce student and Job Smart Edge participant
"Job Smart Edge allowed me to gain experience with a real client as a business consultant. I've leveraged my skills to provide feasible solutions and gained helpful feedback in the process. This program was far beyond what I imagined!"
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Study tours and immersion programs

If you're studying in the Business School, you have the opportunity to further develop your skills by working on real-world projects through a study tour or immersion program.

Travelling to international commercial hubs such as the Philippines, USA or China, you'll be immersed in local culture and grow your experience in areas like innovation, design thinking and responsible businesses by consulting with local and multinational organisations.

The Business School offers a number of scholarships to help support students undertaking a study tour or immersion program.

Information regarding study tours and immersion programs in 2025 is currently not available. Check back later for further details.

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