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Leading in a Post-Crisis World

Reset your thinking to succeed in a post-crisis economy
Critical thinking, innovative problem-solving skills and understanding global and local challenges are more important than ever. Sharpen your abilities with the Leading in a Post-Crisis World program – an ambitious and inspiring experience exclusively for students studying at the Business School.

Leading in a Post-Crisis World (LPC) is a series of opportunities you can undertake across the course of your degree to empower you to solve future challenges in collaboration with your peers, world-class academics and industry leaders. In 2021, LPC Program was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Educational Engagement and Innovative.

You'll receive formal recognition of your participation and stand out from your peers, armed with a unique set of skills and experiences to succeed in the post-crisis job market.

The program will equip you with:

  • the skills to turn disruption and crisis into career opportunities
  • experience in designing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by business, the economy, and society in a post-crisis world
  • local and global insights from leading academic and industry experts
  • valuable social and professional connections with fellow students, academics, alumni and industry partners

LPC is designed to complement and enhance your current studies, with three flexible in-curricular and extra-curricular components available. You can undertake any or all of the three components as you like across multiple semesters, and will receive recognition for each LPC level you complete. The program is offered in both remote and on-campus learning modes.

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Experience Leading in a Post-Crisis World for yourself.

Program Options


In-Curriculum: Build Leading in a Post-Crisis World Into Your Degree

Undertake an LPC unit of study through one of the following undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees:

Available units of study in 2023

LPC is also available as an Open Learning Environment unit:

Units of study will focus on issues that leaders must be able to address in in a post-crisis world, explored through the frames of recovering, rebuilding and reimaging industries, sectors, societies and communities, companies and innovations.

Hear what students have to say about Leading in a Post-Crisis World


Extra Curricular: Workshops/Events 

Open to all LPC Program students (which includes OLES2210, BUSS6105 and BUSS4921 students and students who signed up for LPC events and workshops).

You can participate in the program even if you can’t find time in your subjects this semester. We will run two workshops for any students who wish to participate. They will give you a chance to see what the LPC units of study offer and provide valuable information on presenting and beginning your leadership legacy.

There will be a new Leadership Legacy Showcase where a panel of local industry leaders talk about their experiences as well as the inaugural Global Challenges Global Leaders evening in which an international guest will speak about their handling of a crisis situation.

Participation in these activities counts towards achieving an LPC badge. Sign up to the LPC mailing list to find out more.

Semester 1 2024 LPC Events



Location Registration details

Leadership for Good Showcase

11 March 2024

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Refectory, Level 5, H70 Abercrombie Building, The University of Sydney Business School Register here

Global Challenges and Global Leaders

10 April 2024

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Room 310, JO2 Peter Nicol Russell Building (PNR) Register here

Pitch Workshop

17 April 2024

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Online Register here

Leadership Legacy Workshop

8 May 2024

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Online Register here


Here is a taste of our Leadership for Good Showcase on the Arts

Work, Live, Play, Learn (WLPL)

This LPC initiative will return this semester – you may have noticed the clips of students sharing their stories on the screens in the foyer of theBusiness School. We will be bringing back another series of the successful podcast in 2024. 

Work, Live, Play, Learn: CO-LAB podcast is all about sharing perspectives on leadership, well-being and other topics relevant to these extraordinary times.  We will be looking for your input so please stay tuned for further updates - including the opportunity to participate and win prizes.

Current students: listen to the 1st episode of CO-LAB on student life during the pandemic

Badging Program

The Leading in a Post-Crisis World (LPC) Program provides intra, extra and in-curricular activities that empower you to solve future challenges and develop the skills to turn disruption into career opportunities. 

You can claim a badge for your participation in the program which can be displayed on your digital/online portfolio such as LinkedIn to showcase and share your leadership story with potential employers or recruiters.  

You will earn a badge upon attending our course if enrolled or upon attending our extracurricular events if not enrolled.

Current students: read more about the badging criteria