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05 October 2021

Is Globalisation through digital platforms a good idea?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employers to introduce flexible work from home arrangements for their staff. Professor David Hensher looks at the pros and cons of implementing this on a global scale so that labour markets are not restricted by state or even country.
06 September 2021

Turning the Australian supply chain symphony into a masterpiece: Institutionalised collaboration

Professor Ben Fahimnia calls for a more collaborative supply chain management culture to optimise business processes in this increasingly globalised age.
02 August 2021

Resurgence of Value Capture

Professor Martin Locke discusses the potential benefits of active value capture for major transport projects, where such mechanisms can offset the increasing cost of infrastructure funding.
05 July 2021

The $2B Sydney lockdown: Quarantine transport once again in focus

Dr Yale Z Wong examines the systemic failures in Australia's quarantine process, and proposes that an alternative, holistic approach with aims to effect change at a cultural level would be more effective.
31 May 2021

Electric Cars and a User Charge

Professor David Hensher argues that the recent proposed charge for electric cars should be evaluated in context with existing fees and taxes such as car registration, GST, tolls and so on, in order to make road usage costs more equitable and sustainable for all.
03 May 2021

Riding with dogs – what can it tell us about transport?

Many of us like nothing better than to navigate our city, and our lives, with our humble hound along for the ride. But if you live in Sydney, and you want to travel further than you and your dog can comfortably walk, these dog-accompanied excursions are unavoidably car bound. Jennifer L. Kent and Corinne Mulley discuss.
06 April 2021

Is there movement at the station? Adapting our approach to stimulus in the face of structural change

The full impact of the pandemic on long-term travel trends is yet to be revealed, and continuing to work on the assumption that things will return to pre-pandemic levels is a prudential oversight, writes Christopher Day.
08 March 2021

An international trade perspective on user pays road network charges

James Bushell posits that if the road sector is subsidised by the wider economy in a non-equitable way, this could become an area of trade risk for Australia if it is seen as inconsistent with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.
01 February 2021

Benefiting from Covid-19

We should try to take advantage of the worldwide disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic to establish new paradigms around what we value beyond pure monetary goals, writes Dr Alastair Stone.
11 January 2021

Our old future for public transport won’t work with the new normal

As the world continues to grapple with the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our previous ways of handling mobility and transport planning need to be updated to suit these changing circumstances, write Professor John Nelson and Emerita Professor Corinne Mulley.