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04 September 2023

Value Creation through physical and virtual agglomeration

David A. Hensher, Glen Weisbrod (EBP USA) and Ian Christensen (iMove CRC) discuss how the value creation perspective seems to have merit across physical and virtual agglomeration and why we need research to identify the probability that physical or virtual agglomeration can deliver on value creation for specific activities.
07 August 2023

Population growth and the economy: A mixed blessing?

Christopher Day discusses population policy as one of the big three economic levers.
03 July 2023

Using Artificial Intelligence to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks

Professor Ben Fahimnia looks at how AI-driven analytics can help our essential supply chains to build resilience capabilities through systematic detection of mitigation strategies.
05 June 2023

Ship Recycling at the Port of Newcastle and the promotion of green steel?

Veronica Schulz and Michael Bell look at possible opportunities for a ship recycling industry in Australia given the coincidence of recent developments in regulations and environmental concerns around the world.
01 May 2023

Private Assets as a Service (PAaaS) with reference to the Private Car as a Service (PCaaS)

It is increasingly recognised that a role for the car will have to be factored in more carefully if MaaS is to grow in value.  In this piece, Professor David Hensher looks at the idea of a Private Car as a Service (PCaaS).

11 April 2023

Reversing the carrot and stick: Incentivising Better Driving Behaviour

In the lead up to the NSW election both parties were proposing to incentivise driver behaviour. Professor Stephen Greaves looks further into the issue.
08 March 2023

It’s called Frenchs Forest for a reason and why it is important to see the wood for the trees

Rico Merkert and David Li look at the effectiveness and authenticity of carbon offsetting when looking at the true carbon footprint of proposals.

06 February 2023

Counting the full costs of transport choices

John Rose is the Neil Smith Chair in Sustainable Transport Futures. Here, he discusses how calculating the environmental impact of transport involves more than simply calculating CO2 emissions.
09 January 2023

Taken for a ride: The real cost of Sydney's metro railways

Christopher Day and Dick Day question the value of the large investments made in Sydney's metro system and its proposed developments.
01 December 2022

Mobility as a Feature (MaaF): Rethinking the Focus of Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

David Hensher and Sampo Heitanen suggest that a paradigm change is required when it comes to Mobility as a Service (MaaS). They encourage a move towards transport services as part of a wider activity-focussed product mix driven by the private sector that is also financially sustainable.