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06 April 2021

Is there movement at the station? Adapting our approach to stimulus in the face of structural change

The full impact of the pandemic on long-term travel trends is yet to be revealed, and continuing to work on the assumption that things will return to pre-pandemic levels is a prudential oversight, writes Christopher Day.
08 March 2021

An international trade perspective on user pays road network charges

James Bushell posits that if the road sector is subsidised by the wider economy in a non-equitable way, this could become an area of trade risk for Australia if it is seen as inconsistent with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.
01 February 2021

Benefitting from Covid-19

We should try to take advantage of the worldwide disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic to establish new paradigms around what we value beyond pure monetary goals, writes Dr Alastair Stone.
11 January 2021

Our old future for public transport won’t work with the new normal

As the world continues to grapple with the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our previous ways of handling mobility and transport planning need to be updated to suit these changing circumstances, write Professor John Nelson and Emerita Professor Corinne Mulley.

07 December 2020

What might the changing incidence of Working from Home (WFH) tell us about Future Transport and Land Use Agendas

Professor David Hensher and Associate Professor Matthew Beck look at some of the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we travel and work, and how these changes might be taken advantage of for economic, social and environmental benefit.
02 November 2020

“Personalised Analytics” to battle coronavirus outbreak and beyond

Personalised analytics involves using the data gathered and analysed by artificial intelligence with personal, human judgement. Professor Behnam Fahimnia looks at how this could be implemented to handle logistics disruptions caused by events such as the coronavirus.
28 September 2020

Business location decisions before and after COVID 19

Dr Camila Balbontin examines the ramifications of COVID-19 for local businesses in regards to their location planning and decisions.
07 September 2020

WFH(ome)? How WFC(afe) may be a part of the post corona workplace change

PhD student James Bushell explores the Work From Cafe (WFC) phenomenon, which may well be part of the 'new normal' alongside working from home and working from the office.
24 August 2020

Opening-up Melbourne again?

The incidence of COVID-19 across Melbourne marks a stark divide, with case numbers much more heavily concentrated in the north and west than in the south or east. What are the factors contributing to this spatial pattern? How can Melbourne ‘re-open’ in a way that tackles entrenched disadvantage? Adjunct Professor John Stanley and Associate Professor Janet Stanley discuss these questions and more, below.
03 August 2020

Pooled testing to help Australia tackle the second wave of COVID-19

Pooled testing is a cost-effective method of testing in which a single test is run on a group of samples. Dr Saman Eskandarzadeh and Professor Ben Fahimnia explain how it could help Australia tackle a second wave of COVID-19 whilst reducing the need for tough restrictions.