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30 May 2019

Why the government can’t blame us (yet) for clinging to our cars

Dr Mark Raadsen explores the reasons why personal car ownership and usage is still favoured over public transportation in Australia.
06 May 2019

How Green are Electric Vehicles?

Consumers need to take into account a number of factors when determining exactly how environmentally friendly electric cars are, writes Jiayu Wang.
30 April 2019

Whimpact: More questions than answers

Yale Z Wong weighs in on the recently released Whimpact report, which documents insights from the world's first Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) system in Helsinki, Finland.
09 April 2019

The changing nature of public transport

The public transport industry has changed considerably recently with the emergence of trends such as personalisation and shared transport solutions, writes Professor John Nelson, Chair in Public Transport at ITLS.
12 February 2019

Harnessing the wisdom of crowds for better cities

Infrastructure management in modern cities, with rapidly growing populations, is a challenging task. However, authorities can utilise the collective intelligence of users to monitor the status of infrastructure assets, writes Supun Perera.
21 January 2019

Debunking the myths around the optically-guided bus (trackless trams)

Yale Wong explores some of the misconceptions surrounding optically-guided buses, otherwise known as trackless trams.
21 December 2018

Does slower driving make us go faster?

Traffic management measures that try to prevent traffic flows on motorways from breaking down typically reduce vehicle speed. Michiel Bliemer & Mark Raadsen discuss, are we in fact faster by driving slower?

16 November 2018

Surprise Surprise - Trackless Trams are in vogue with light rail supporters!

The emotional ideology in the debate on public transport between those who support light rail and those who reject bus rapid transit has clouded the issue, David Hensher writes.
09 October 2018

On a collision course with driverless cars

Driverless cars are likely to arrive in the next decade, bringing with them big changes to the way we move around cities – and a new set of anxieties. Tony Arnold asks if they can they deliver on the utopian vision.
04 September 2018

How colonialism causes traffic trouble

Economic structuralism may explain the stunted growth of countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Nina Verzosa explores how vestiges of colonialism may have impacted traffic safety in these rapidly globalising regions.