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31 May 2017

What can be done to improve commercial viability of regional aviation in NSW/Australia?

With continued volatility in the resources sector and tourism being inherently seasonal, soft demand from regional and business communities has unsurprisingly resulted in lower profit margins for regional airlines. Professor Rico Merkert explains further.
27 April 2017

Toll roads – a view after 25 years

Tolled roads in Australia have been around now for over 25 years (excluding bridge crossings) and have created camps of supporters and dissenters. Have they delivered value for money? David Hensher shares his thoughts.
03 April 2017

Visible hands or invisible hands: who should build the ports in developing countries?

More than 80% of international trade is carried by sea. The supply of quality maritime infrastructure and services are critical to the global economy. However, developing countries face challenges when building up modern port systems.
03 March 2017

The benefits and beneficiaries of urban tollroad expansion

Does Sydney need more private tollroads? Or should the focus be on expanding rail freight, planning for local jobs, reforming road pricing, and investing in more efficient and productive transport systems? Christopher Standen provides his thoughts.
09 February 2017

I can't wait to get my Ls! A perspective on high school travel

High-school represents the start of a new adventure, part of which is associated with getting to and from school. Stephen Greaves gives his insight into the number of considerations and constraints.
02 February 2017

Autonomous vehicles and implications for future transport systems

The rapid development of autonomous vehicles (AV) has prompted considerable speculation on how these vehicles will ‘revolutionise’ the future of cities’ transport systems.
16 July 2024

Taken for a ride: The real cost of Sydney's metro railways

Christopher Day and Dick Day question the value of the large investments made in Sydney's metro system and its proposed developments.