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Pacioli Society

An accounting forum for academics and the business community
The Pacioli Society was established in 1968 by Emeritus Professor R.J. Chambers to provide a forum on matters related to accounting, business and finance and to foster the expression of both academic and professional views on topical issues.

The Pacioli Society now operates under the auspices of the Accounting Foundation and provides a valuable contact between academics from Sydney and other metropolitan universities and the business community.

Up to four meetings are held each year. In line with the aims of the Society, there is a respondent to the speaker to ensure that several perspectives of the topic are put forward. Attendees are always given opportunities to ask questions and to voice their own opinions about the topic.

Pacioli Society membership

The benefits of Pacioli Society membership include:

  • invitations to up to four lectures per year (usually face-to-face with dinner), where academics and industry partners come together to discuss a wide range of current issues
  • invitation to the RJ Chambers Memorial Research Lecture, held at the University's Great Hall
  • subscription to Abacus Journal, published four times per year
  • opportunities to engage and network with leading academics and industry partners
  • exclusive access to lecture material
  • advance notice of other events

The Pacioli Society membership subscription fee is $195 ($176 plus GST). To become a member, please return the Pacioli Society Membership Subscription Form with completed credit card details or a cheque made payable to "The Accounting Foundation, University of Sydney".

Queries should be directed to the Accounting Foundation at business.accountingfoundation@sydney.edu.au.

Previous Pacioli Society lectures

COVID-19: Assessing its global socio-economic and environmental impact
  • 12 November 2020


  • Dr Arunima MalikLecturer in Sustainability, University of Sydney Business School and Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Jorge Gómez-Paredes – Managing Director, The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Andean Region" (SDSN Andes)
The Changing Role of Accounting and Finance in a World of Digital Disruption
  • Date: 5 March 2019
  • Speaker: Janelle Hopkins, Group CFO, Australia Post 
The Banking Royal Commission: Drivers, Outcomes and Future Directions
  • Date: 16 May 2019
  • Professor Clinton Free, Academic Director, Executive Education, The University of Sydney Business School 
The emerging role of climate science in the measurement of business risk
  • Date: 5 September 2019
  • Professor Andy Pitman, Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, University of UNSW Sydney
On the Spotlight: The role of Boards in Governance
  • Date: 5 September 2018
  • Speaker: Dr Judith MacCormick
Whistleblowing from Panama to Paradise: What it means for Australia
  • Date: 14 June 2018
  • Speaker: Associate Professor David Chaikin, The University of Sydney Business School
Measuring the social impact and performance of organisations
  • Date: 22 March 2018
  • Speaker: Professor Matthew Hall, Monash University
Assurance Innovation and Disruption
  • Date: 13 November 2017
  • Speaker: Kristin Stubbins, PwC Australia
Rethinking the Value of ABC
  • Date: 5 September 2017
  • Speaker: Professor Chris Chapman, University of Bristol
Changing political rationalities and the spread of market mentality
  • Date: 7 February 2017
  • Speaker: Professor Christine Cooper, University of Strathclyde