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Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change Group

Working together to understand how businesses operate
Our group links researchers from across the world who share an interest in developing and applying discourse methods in the study of organisations.

About us

The Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change Group comprises a cluster of researchers at the University of Sydney Business School. The group is associated with the International Centre for Research in Organisational Discourse, Strategy and Change (ICRODSC).

ICRODSC links international researchers who share an interest in developing and applying discourse methods to the study of organisations. In line with the ICRODSC, our objectives are to: 

  • establish a leading group of world class scholars to facilitate research on organisational discourse, strategy and change 

  • encourage collaborative research projects among leading universities in the field of organisational discourse 

  • disseminate research findings on discourse analysis and its applications through academic publications, seminars and conferences 

  • facilitate research and teaching interchanges among scholars  

  • increase opportunities for researchers interested in discourse analysis to interact through specific initiatives, such as workshops, conferences, etc. 

  • facilitate collaborative links for research and postgraduate training in the field of organisational discourse. 

We hold regular workshops and exchanges that bring leading international scholars to Australia, providing opportunities for academics and doctoral students to engage with institutional partners. Our members have contributed to an ongoing stream of collaborative research on the role of discourse in organisations. 

Research projects

Discover our research

Learn more about our funded projects in organisational discourse, strategy and change.

Our people

Professor Steven Maguire (Director)

Associate Professor Jane Andrew

Dr Mattia Anesa

Dr Max Baker

Professor Suresh Cuganesan

Professor Leanne Cutcher

Dr Jarryd Daymond

Dr Gaia Grant

Associate Professor Catherine Hardy

Professor Jane Lê (WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management)

Associate Professor Stefan Meisiek

Dr David Oliver

Dr Helen Parker

Professor John Roberts

Associate Professor Tom van Laer

Professor Chris Wright

Dr Jeaney Yip

Dr Ying Zhang

Mina Askovic (PhD Candidate)

Jed Austin (PhD Candidate)

Maegan Baker (PhD Candidate)

Fannie Couture (PhD Candidate)

Donna Denyer (PhD Candidate)

Stephanie Dunk (PhD Candidate)

Caitlin Gardner (PhD Candidate)

Jan Kucic-Riker (PhD Candidate)

Juvina Lai (PhD Candidate)

Bonnie Stanway (PhD Candidate)

The activities of ICRODSC are overseen by an International Advisory Board made up of Co-Directors from each of the associated institutions, and senior academics from a range of institutions. The group is a valuable resource in that they both advise on and participate in new research initiatives.

Current membership of the International Advisory Board is as follows:

Mats Alvesson, Lund University

Kevin Barge, Texas A&M University

James Barker, Dalhousie University

Stanley Deetz, University of Colorado

Peter Fleming, Queen Mary, University of London

Cynthia Hardy, University of Melbourne

Tom Keenoy, University of Leicester

Tom Lawrence, Simon Fraser University

Steve Maguire, McGill University

Joanne Martin, Stanford University

Tim Morris, University of Oxford

Kamal Munir, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Cliff Oswick, Cass Business School, City University London

Gill Palmer, RMIT, Melbourne

Nelson Phillips, Imperial College, University of London

Linda Putnam, University of California, Santa Barbara

Masayasu Takahashi, Meiji University

Robyn Thomas, Cardiff Business School

Hari Tsoukas, Warwick Business School / Athens Laboratory for Business Administration (ALBA)

Hugh Willmott, Cardiff Business School

Sierk Ybema, VU University

Events and workshops

If multimedia communication of a strategy enables more effective learning, why don’t more organizations do it?

In this session, we outlined how to teach strategy more effectively, in different ways depending on the nature of the stakeholder group and the benefits sought.

Institutional Aesthetics: Embodied Ways of Knowing and Institutional Processes
  • Professor Douglas Creed, The University of Rhode Island
  • 17 May 2018

This presentation, in collaboration with the Discipline of Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship offered a cross-level theory of the role in institutional processes of the sensory and evaluative forms of knowledge.

Between community and corporate: How the top management team in a refugee advocacy organization experience and respond to paradoxical demands in strategizing
  • Gaia Grant, University of Sydney Business School
  • 25 May 2017

Exploring how individuals in the top management team identify with the team and with the organisation through times of change, and how paradoxical challenges in identity can be embraced as the organisation goes through transition, provides greater clarity around how top management team's can successfully negotiate times of change. 

The Practice of Broking in Competitive Markets: Reinsurance Brokers as Self-interested Organizations

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor in Strategic Management, CASS Business School City University of London, presented the studies examining the practices of brokerage work in competitive markets. 

Workshop: Organisational Paradox: Rethinking Discourse, Strategy and Change
  • 16 and 17 February 2017

This workshop brought together leading and emerging scholars on paradox, focusing on the areas of discourse, strategy and change. Notable speakers included:

  • Professor Marianne W. Lewis, Dean of Cass Business School and Professor of Management delivered a keynote on paradox theory and its application. Download presentation (pdf, 3MB) 
  • Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor of Strategic Management at Cass Business School delivered a keynote on paradox, practice and rhetoric. Download presentation (pdf, 3.4MB)
  • Professor Haridimos Tsoukas, Distinguished Research Environment Professor of Organization Studies at Warwick Business School and the Columbia Ship Management Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Cyprus, joined a panel of the value of the paradox lens.
Managing Complexity Workshop
  • Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge
  • 17 June 2016

Our research group, in partnership with the National Disability Service, co-hosted a workshop on managing complexity with Dave Snowden from Cognitive Edge. The workshop introduced members of both the Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change Group and the National Disability Service to concepts such as Snowden’s Cyefin Framework for navigating complexity in social systems. The workshop also enabled our members to explore the complex world of disability service providers.

People try to put us down: Young professionals’ identification processes and sensemaking of aged and generational archetypes

In this seminar, Steven Hitchcock explored how young professionals in Sydney, Australia made sense of aged and generational archetypes in their day to day work.


Professor Steven Maguire
Professor Steven Maguire
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