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The Impact of Climate Change on Business

Risks and opportunities of climate change for business
Join our two-day workshop with industry and academic experts to learn how to integrate climate change into your organisation's strategic decision-making.

Increasingly, legal and financial authorities around the world are recommending that if the industry in which you operate, your assets or your supply chain are perceived to be at risk, either because of the need to transition to a low-carbon economy or because of the expected physical effects of climate change, then climate change is material to your business and warrants disclosures.

Are you ready?

  • Does your company understand that climate change is no longer a sustainability, but rather a strategic and financial matter?
  • Do you know how to identify the different transition and physical risks your company might be exposed to?
  • Do you understand the complexities and pitfalls that come with applying reference scenarios to stress-test your company’s strategy against such risks?
  • And most importantly, do you know where the opportunities for your business can be found?

The Impact of Climate Change on Business program will help you address all of these questions.

Who is the Impact of Climate Change on Business program for?

The program is designed for middle, senior managers and executives from all industry sectors as well as finance professionals, accountants and auditors. Whether you are in finance, operations, risk, sustainability or corporate affairs, climate change will increasingly impact on every aspect of business, and therefore needs to be integrated into your organisation's commercial and strategic decision-making.

What's in the program?

You will participate in an interactive and immersive two-day workshop incorporating learning around the legal, regulatory and accounting considerations relevant to climate change, hands-on experience in climate scenario development, the ability to speak with and question the regulator and investors, and interaction with case organisations that are well on their way to integrating climate change in their strategic outlook.

You will learn to understand:

  • The physical science of climate change, and the likely impact on your business.
  • The accounting, regulatory and legal implications of climate change for your business.
  • How the politics of climate change in Australia have hidden the scale of the risk to your business and the broader economy.
  • How other companies have gone about integrating climate change into their internal and strategic decision-making and disclosures. 
  • The types of competitive opportunities that can be found in managing climate risks, and
  • How you can think through the implications of climate change for a variety of sectors, by applying your learning in Climate War Games

Program Details

Course dates: 

Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 Februrary 2021

Location: The University of Sydney Business School
Sydney CBD Campus
Level 17, 133 Castlereagh St
Sydney NSW 2000
Teaching staff:
  • Professor Clinton Free, Academic Director of Executive Education
  • Dr Tanya Fiedler, Lecturer, Discipline of Accounting
Speakers include:
  • Professor Andy Pitman, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes
  • Emma Herd, CEO at the Investor Group on Climate Change
  • Dr Nick Wood, Associate at Energetics and member of the Stakeholder Advisory Group of the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub (part of the Commonwealth National Environmental Science Program)
  • Karen McWilliams, Business Reform Leader at CAANZ
  • Sharanjit Paddam, Head of ESG Risk at QBE
Cost:  $2,750

Program Directors

Dr Tanya Fiedler

Tanya Fiedler

Dr Tanya Fiedler is a lecturer in the Discipline of Accounting. Tanya completed her PhD at the University of New South Wales. Tanya's research is deeply interdisciplinary, her interests concerned with the ways in which engineering, actuarial science and climate science integrate into work practices, business strategy and accounting.

Prior to her academic career, Tanya worked as a consultant for Energetics, a specialist climate, carbon and energy consultancy.

Professor Clinton Free

Clinton Free

Professor Clinton Free was appointed Academic Director of Executive Education and Global Executive MBA Program Director at the University of Sydney Business School in 2019.

He brings a wealth of international experience to the role, previously teaching MBA programs at Oxford University, Cornell University and the Queen’s School of Business.