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Careers coaching panel

Personal and professional development with expert coaches
The MBA Careers Coaching Panel aims to advance your career through premier personal and professional development provided by experienced coaches.

Meet our coaches

We have partnered with the coaches on our panel to provide reputable, expert coaching services for leadership and talent development, redeployment and outplacement, and workshop facilitation.

Betty Xiang

Betty Xiang is an MBA Career Development Specialist with over 10 years of experience providing career management support to MBA and other Management students and alumni. She regularly advises and coaches MBA students and alumni in developing their individual career plans and strategies in conjunction with the MBA study to achieve their career goals .

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Catherine Keyvar

Catherine is the Manager of the Careers and Corporate Relations team for the MBA Programs. She is an experienced HR professional from a corporate background with an interest in career development and the advancement of individuals. She is passionate about developing people and collaborating with them to achieve results. Catherine enjoys building business relationships within industry to create opportunities to connect students and alumni. Working with Catherine you will explore and define what energises, engages and excites you. Catherine is supportive, and will provide guidance and feedback and challenge you throughout your coaching, whist keeping you accountable to drive your own career to achieve your goals.

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Clare Robinson

Founder and Head Coach of Clarety Coaching, Clare formerly held business and strategic leadership roles in marketing services. Clare will help you to create an impact in life and business through leadership and wellbeing coaching. She takes a holistic approach working with you as a whole and enabling you to lead with passion and purpose.

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Libby Marshall

Libby Marshall is a career management expert highly experienced working with MBAs across the APAC and the USA.  An MBA graduate herself, Libby knows how MBA education transforms careers.  Her coaching will specifically support you to translate your education, your skills, experiences and strengths into a unique value proposition that talks to your future. She will work with you supporting you to create a career strategy that will position you for the success you seek.

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Lisa Tracy

Lisa connects her clients to their intelligence and creativity. She is warm, expressive and supportive in setting meaningful goals. An expert in the sustainability sector, she optimises strategies for achievement of SDGs. Leaders coached by Lisa have launched impact startups. Lisa adopts a strengths-based coaching approach. She has delivered programs across all levels of business and industry sectors. For over a decade she has been advocating for professionals to bring their values to work. Her clients contribute to a fairer economy and a more humane and greener world.

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Lisl Pietersz

My coaching passion is to prepare individuals to pivot and adapt to change in their career or life circumstance. I offer a supportive, real-world and evidence-based coaching approach, backed by more than 10 years’ experience coaching managers and senior executives from start-ups to global technology organisations. My coaching specialties span personal branding, self-marketing and communicating your story with presence across a range of channels.

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Nelson D'Souza

Dr Nelson D’Souza is a seasoned leadership and talent development professional with a proven track record of over two decades in diverse industries/academia, spanning markets in developed and developing economies. He is a people developer with a strong desire to help people explore, expand and excel in leading a fulfilling life.

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Tess Everingham

Tess will help you to focus on what’s next. She will encourage you to take action and grow in confidence, as you proactively manage your career. Tess provides honest feedback across all levels of the career management cycle. With her relaxed, honest and authentic style, Tess is easy to speak with. She has a positive energy and believes in her clients.

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Tim Hicks

Tim has specialist capability and experience in developing leadership capability with impact in people managers. His coaching is underpinned by a MSc.(Coaching Psychology), MMktg (MGSM), a BSc.(HMS) along with a background in senior leadership roles in multinational and ASX listed companies across multiple sectors. He will help you tap into your potential – and successfully make pivotal career transitions whether that be a promotion, a functional move, or a career change.

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Bruno de Sousa

Bruno has over nine years of experience in consulting across multiple geographies. His career started with Kearney, specializing in turnaround strategies in the wake of the GFC. After an INSEAD MBA, he moved to Australia to join the Strategy team at Woolworths. As a Senior Strategy Manager, Bruno is responsible for strategy development and delivering initiatives. This experience will help you explore your career options and put your interview skills to the test.

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Jelle Stoop

Jelle will help you leverage your MBA and, in particular, prepare for interviews with consulting firms. He is a Consultant at Bain & Company, passionate about untangling the toughest problems to help organizations reach their full potential. Before joining Bain, he obtained an MBA at the University of Sydney while transitioning from academia to consulting. He therefore understands what will be most actionable and critical for you when re-thinking your career and embracing a new skill set.

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