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Dalyell Scholars

Creating the next generation of business leaders
Access a range of opportunities and challenge yourself in the company of your most talented peers in our Dalyell Scholars program.

For high-achieving students with an ATAR (or equivalent) of 98+, the Dalyell Scholars program provides access to a range of enrichment opportunities that will challenge you in the company of your most promising and talented peers.

We will connect you with other Dalyell Scholars within the Business School and across the University through events, workshops, mentoring and masterclasses specifically designed for the program.

The Dalyell Scholars stream is available through the following programs:

Find out more about how to become a Dalyell Scholar.

What is it like to be part of the Dalyell Scholars program?

Dalyell Scholars opportunities

Start to build your professional network while at university with our extensive Dalyell Scholars mentoring program. Gain lessons, insights and advice from senior high-achieving students, academics, and alumni from the Business School.

Deepen your understanding and gain new perspectives on areas that relate to your studies and future career. Our interactive Dalyell Scholars' masterclasses are presented by leading experts and cover topics like innovation and communicating with influence.

Learn from thought leaders and industry experts on how to leverage your intellectual and personal strengths for maximum impact and career success. Be ready for workplaces of the future by developing the key competencies and techniques you will need to be agile in dynamic business contexts.

Guide for Dalyell Scholars 2020

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Charlotte Trent

Charlotte Trent holding books walking to the Abercrombie Building
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholar)
“The accelerated coursework and unique Dalyell units provide the sort of challenges I am looking for while giving me the opportunity to interact with other inspiring students in the program. I’ve always liked extending the limits I set myself and the Dalyell Scholars program offers the perfect path for me to do this.”
Discover our Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies

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