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Business Dalyell Scholars

Lead. Create. Disrupt.
The Dalyell program is a university-wide initiative for high-achieving students. At the Business School, the program aims to nurture future leaders ready to create innovative solutions to disrupt the world for good.

For high-achieving students with an ATAR (or equivalent) of 98+, the Dalyell Scholars program provides access to a range of enrichment opportunities that will challenge you in the company of your most promising and talented peers.

We will connect you with other Dalyell Scholars within the Business School and across the University through masterclasses, events, units of study, competitions and challenges specifically designed for the program.

The Dalyell Scholars stream is available through the following programs:

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What's it like to be a Dalyell Scholar?

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Dalyell Scholars opportunities

As a Business Dalyell Scholar, you will be challenged to stretch your thinking, cultivate your leadership and professional expertise, and become part of a global network of leaders as you join the ranks of our most distinguished alumni.

Mentoring and support

Start to build your professional network while at university. Gain insights and advice from senior high-achieving students, academics, alumni and industry partners. The Business Dalyell team will also guide you through planning your degree and navigating the Dalyell stream.


Business Dalyell units of study

All Dalyell Scholars are required to undertake two Dalyell units of study. Through the Business Dalyell units, you will go on a journey of creating innovative ideas in teams and organisations and transforming these into practical, sustainable solutions to address complex problems and the world's grand challenges.


Business Dalyell Development Program

The Business Dalyell Development Program helps you to engage with industry and acquire skills to complement your academic degree through opportunities such as:

  • Competitions and challenges to develop solutions to wicked business problems, often undertaken in collaboration with industry partners
  • Industry training sessions and academic mentoring
  • Day-in-the-life experiences allowing you to see what working as an industry professional is like
  • Bespoke support and industry networking opportunities to help you pursue your own start-up, research project or entry to a global competition

Charlotte Trent

Charlotte Trent holding books walking to the Abercrombie Building
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholar)
"The accelerated coursework and unique Dalyell units provide the sort of challenges I am looking for while giving me the opportunity to interact with other inspiring students in the program."
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Who was Elsie Jean Dalyell?

Elsie Jean Dalyell
Elsie Jean Dalyell, OBE (1881-1948), was a distinguished graduate of the University of Sydney and the first full-time member of staff at the Sydney Medical School. Her academic excellence, commitment to service, and passion for charting her own unique path are hallmarks of the Dalyell program.
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