How to become a Dalyell Scholar

Learn how you can join the Dalyell stream
Apply through Dalyell-eligible courses or find out how to be invited to join the stream. Find out how you can join the next generation of global leaders.

To become a Dalyell Scholar, you can apply for a Dalyell-eligible course where if you achieve an ATAR (or equivalent) of 98+ you will be invited to join the stream.

Or, you can apply for a Dalyell-specific course where the stream is already embedded. See below for the two ways you can become a Dalyell Scholar, or explore your options through our admission pathways (for domestic students).

You will be invited to become a Dalyell Scholar if you apply for, and are made an offer to, one of the degrees listed and have achieved an ATAR or equivalent of 98+.*

Architecture, design and planning
Arts and social sciences
Education and social work
Engineering and computer science
Medicine and health

*For domestic students, see the admission pathways tab above.

You can apply to the following Dalyell-specific courses to study as a Dalyell Scholar:

Within these degrees, you will select your preferred majors, minors and/or streams in addition to completing the Dalyell Scholars stream. For example, in the B Engineering Honours (Dalyell Scholars) you'll choose your particular engineering stream (e.g. Mechanical) at the point of enrolment.

You will be invited to enter the Dalyell Scholar stream via certain admission pathways on the basis of achieving the ATAR (or equivalent) listed for the following schemes: