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Dalyell Scholars

Professional mentoring

In your third year as a Dalyell Scholar, you can register to take part in professional mentoring. This will give you the opportunity to explore career pathways with alumni and academic mentors. 

Professional mentoring for 2021 will commence in Semester 2 and will run for three months..

We are excited about the program and know that you will benefit from meeting some incredible professionals from a broad range of industries.

How it will work 

You will be allocated to a group of up to six students and a mentor. Your mentor will be an experienced professional, and in most cases, an alumnus of the University of Sydney.

You will join a mentor for three sessions, with each session focusing on a different set of employability skills.

Each session will run for 1-1.5 hours and you will be expected to attend all sessions.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we will incorporate online mentoring into this program. We will give registered students all the information they will need by email before mentoring sessions commence.

Mentoring sessions

Mentoring sessions have been developed around important employability skills. Mentors will use these skills as a basis for each session and will explore them through role play and group discussion. They will share examples of where they have developed skills themselves and how this has helped them in their own career to achieve success in their industry.

During each session, you will build on the skills you learn, share your reflections, and identify gaps to improve. You might use journals and make notes of areas you would like to improve and key lessons. You will be able to consider your career development plans and goals using the insights provided by your mentor.

Session guides

Mentors receive the following guides to prompt their thinking about the mentoring session. They are encouraged to allow time for broader discussions and questions. Sessions will be relaxed and informal and give students the opportunity to ask questions and talk about a variety of workplace scenarios.

Session one - Developing self-awareness

Session one will start with introductions where students will share their career aspirations and goals. Your mentor will provide some background on their career journey and how they have developed some of the key skills you’ll explore.

The session will focus on developing self-awareness. As you enter the workforce and begin to navigate your career the ability to work under pressure and show resilience will be valuable. Developing self-awareness will allow you to manage your behaviour and articulate your ideas to your team members and managers.

“As a CEO, being self-aware means you understand your strengths and how best you can contribute. It also means you understand where you need to improve and can allow others to contribute to you. Why is this important? Great work is never done alone. To achieve great work, you need to be working at your best with a team, who also are working at their best. If you manage to get these 2 ingredients together, anything is possible." - Natasha Munasinghe, Full Stack Developer, Lawyer and Business Director

Session two – Developing communication skills

Session two will be focused on developing communication skills. Throughout your career journey you will be required to communicate with a wide variety of people, to develop written and verbal communication skills and to share ideas and articulate yourself effectively.

"Communication is absolutely key in my roles. Throughout my career as a scientist, start-up founder, investment partner and board member, I've learnt that communication is one of the most important skills any aspiring leader can possess. Focusing on the development of your communication skills will help across all aspects of your working and personal life." - Toby Heap, Founding Partner H2 Ventures and Board Director

Session Three – Developing influencing skills

Session three will be focused on developing influencing skills. Influencing is a valued skill as employees are often required to persuade and negotiate as part of their role.

“The ability to influence has been critical to my role as a family lawyer. I have routinely communicated with my clients the need to adopt a collaborative rather than adversarial approach to resolving both financial and parenting cases. In a small way this has changed community attitudes, reduced matters being determined by the courts and enabled couples to move forward with their lives with less acrimony.” - Lucinda Aboud, Lawyer and Mediator at Mediation Family Law

How to register for professional mentoring sessions

Registrations for 2021 professional mentoring are now open until 11.59pm, 4 July. Register here.

You should be aware that participation in the program requires a serious commitment to attendance. Once you are accepted into the program, you will be required to sign a commitment contract to provide the University and your mentor with the assurance that you will attend all sessions where possible.

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