27 November 2018

$4.5m gift powers a first in cancer

A $4.5 million gift to the University of Sydney from The Li Ka Shing Foundation will power Australia's first clinical trial testing CAR T-cell immunotherapy in patients with advanced pancreatic and related cancers.
20 November 2018

Melanoma researchers honoured for outstanding contributions

Four University of Sydney researchers were recognised for their excellence and innovation at the 2018 NSW Premier’s Awards for Outstanding Cancer Research.
30 August 2018

Birth defect predicts testicular cancer, infertility in adulthood

Medical researchers are urging greater compliance with guidelines recommending surgery for undescended testes (UDT) before 18 months of age following new evidence that UDT more than doubles the risk of testicular cancer and increases infertility in adult males.
23 August 2018

Grant win for cell and gene therapies

Four University of Sydney researchers have received grants worth $5 million from the NSW government to support trials for cell and gene therapies to treat rare genetic conditions and cancer.
15 August 2018

Lower radiation doses could have big impact on cancer treatment

A collaboration between the School of Physics and Chris O'Brien Lifehouse has applied a striped model of radiation therapy for cancer treatment that should mean lower doses for patients.
14 August 2018

New gene test could improve treatment of breast cancer

A low-cost test to more accurately predict which breast cancers are at higher risk of relapse and thus inform better treatment decisions, is being pioneered by researchers at the University of Sydney.
13 August 2018

Drop the C-word to reduce anxiety and over-treatment, say experts

Medical researchers are calling for the word 'cancer' to be dropped from some doctor-patient conversations in a bid to reduce patient anxiety and harm from over-treatment.
08 August 2018

Faster, cheaper way to make gene-therapies wins grant

The NSW government has awarded $500,000 to Indee Labs to partner with the University of Sydney to eliminate the need for viruses to make gene-modified cells capable of curing some forms of blood cancer.
19 July 2018

Sunscreen reduces melanoma risk by 40 percent in young people

Melanoma is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australian men aged 25-49 years and the second most common cancer in women aged 25-49 years, after breast cancer.
01 June 2018

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: how Sydney is tackling the disease

To mark Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June, we celebrate three researchers taking on a disease that kills thousands of Australians every year.