14 May 2018

New bowel cancer chair says a treatment revolution is on its way

Bowel cancer treatment is set to be transformed by technology, says Professor Mark Molloy, the University of Sydney's first chair to specialise in the disease.

01 May 2018

The fight to beat breast cancer with a blood test

Working for a start-up in 2008, Dharmica Mistry made a discovery that led her to file for an international patent. Ten years on, she’s hoping to commercialise this research to address shortcomings in breast cancer detection.
12 April 2018

Scientists unlock path to use cell's nanoparticles as biomarkers

Developing a method to identify individual cell messengers, called extracellular vesicles, means they can now be used to detect cancer and other disease and be engineered for regenerative medicine.
06 April 2018

Next-gen medical imaging facility to advance future of healthcare

The latest medical imaging technology is available to our researchers, students and collaborators with the launch of Sydney Imaging, designed to lead discoveries and education in patient diagnosis and treatment.
29 March 2018

Academics awarded $4.6 million to conduct vital cancer research

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded a series of Cancer Council NSW research grants to fund their innovative and pioneering cancer research.
05 March 2018

Make peace, not war on cancer

A new musical play opening at The Seymour Centre dramatises the realities of living with cancer by revealing what happens when people have a life-shortening illness.