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How to use Interview360 to build your interview skills

Practise your interview technique and receive feedback and tips
Interview360 is a free service for all enrolled students and graduate within five years of course completion at the University of Sydney.

Interview360 How to

A large and comprehensive library of the most commonly asked interview questions along with key points to help you answer every one of them.

A range of mock interviews you can take to test your ability to come up with strong, confident, well-thought-through answers under time pressure. You’ll get instant feedback and advice, and every question you answer will make you a stronger candidate. 

Go to Interview360 and click on Browse Interviews to take a mock interview or Browse Questions to review common questions and advice on how to respond.

When you click on Browse Interviews you can select different types of mock interviews you have a choice of:

  • AI CV Interview – if you’ve uploaded your resume to CV360 your mock interview will include questions based on the information in your resume.

  • Auto-generated interview – interview questions will be automatically selected for you. 

  • Custom interview – select your own interview questions and hone your responses.

  • Scroll down to select role-specific interviews, practise your elevator pitch and behavioural, competency or strengths-based interviews. 

You can choose to either take a video interview which will time and record your responses or to type your responses. Then click on Start Interview, answer each question and click on Compete Interview to finish.

Interview360 provides a Personalised Report on your:

  • Confidence levels.

  • The number of questions answered.

  • Time taken. 

  • Video quality.

You can also review your responses and read through key points to include in each answer.

You can re-do your interview to continue to practice and improve.