Video interviews

How to prepare for a video interview

Employers use video interviewing as a screening tool to help determine whether candidates can communicate effectively, present themselves professionally and answer interview questions with confidence.

There are two types of video interview used to assess job candidates. In the first type, the recruiter will send you a link to an online platform which displays interview questions on your computer screen and allows you to record your responses using your webcam.

The recording is submitted to the employer who then uses the information to determine which candidates will progress next stage of the recruitment process.

The second type of video interview uses Skype, FaceTime or other platforms for live interviews. Prepare for these interviews the same way you would prepare for a face-to-face interview.

Video interview tips

  • Take the interview in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Ask your housemates to keep noise to a minimum and make sure any pets are kept away from the interview room.
  • Aim for a neutral background such as a plain wall or curtain. This will keep the focus on you and ensure that the recruiter does not make assumptions about you based on your personal tastes.
  • Dress professionally, as you would in person.
  • Look into the camera when you give your answer. This is the equivalent of making eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Answer questions concisely and keep to the point.
  • Review our interview tips for advice on answering common questions.
  • Practise! Read our sample interview questions and use our Interview360 or record a practice session with your webcam.
  • For video interviews where you are provided an online link to record answers to interview questions:
    • If the interviewing platform offers the option to complete a practise question, take the opportunity to test for any technical problems. Practising may also help you get more comfortable talking directly to the camera. 
    • Read the instructions carefully. Is there a time limit for each answer? Can you make more than one attempt at answering? Can you stop the recording when you have finished answering a question?