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Why study at CET

Discover life as a CET student
Each year, we welcome around 3500 students from around the world to our centre. Learn more about the academic, co-curricular and wellbeing support we provide to our students.

With specialised programs and highly qualified English teachers, we deliver innovative, high quality English language programs in a supportive environment, and maintain excellence in teaching. 

Here are just a few other reasons why you'll enjoy studying at the Centre for English Teaching.

1. Innovative learning

We offer innovative English language programs that are specialised to meet your unique learning goals. We also develop English language proficiency tests for undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs, and career or migration pathways.

Our program leaders, curriculum designers and teachers are innovators in English learning and research in Australia. All of our programs are taught by qualified instructors who have extensive experience internationally in teaching English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. 

We offer a supportive environment for students to excel and reach their learning goals. Find out more about our 4-2-1 learning model and academic support on the programs page.

2. Student activities

We promote learning both within and beyond the classroom, allowing students to foster meaningful intercultural engagement through co-curricular activities.

We offer weekly Academic Support Workshops to help you succeed in your studies. These workshops are designed to help you succeed in your assignments and practise your English language skills

All details are provided on your course's Canvas page.  

Students can find free activities to make local friends, interact with the University and use English outside of the classroom while earning points and rewards through the CET Connect app.

Find out more and download the app via the current students page.

Students can apply to join the CET Leaders Network to learn leadership and communication skills. This group of highly engaged CET students makes significant contributions to the CET student community and the wider international student community.

3. Student wellbeing support

We understand the importance of wellbeing and offer free wellbeing services to our students including the following.

Our experienced counsellors can help you build the skills and resilience you need to manage any issues, problems or concerns you might have in order to adjust to life in Australia. CET Counsellors offer one-on-one appointments and group workshops throughout the year to support your wellbeing. Counselling support is a confidential service free to all CET students.

Contact our counsellors

To request for a counselling appointment, please fill out the counselling registration form (for enrolled CET students located in Australia) and you will be contacted to arrange an appointment.

For wellbeing-related enquiries or questions, please email:

We run orientation sessions to welcome new students to CET and the University and provide advice to help students thrive in personal and academic endeavours.

Enrolled students will also receive an email invitation to complete an online pre-arrival course to learn more about life in Australia.

Talk to our friendly concierge team of university students and get information about your courses, engagement program and the University.

4. Experience the heart of Sydney

We are part of the University of Sydney and located on the main Camperdown/Darlington campus.

Experience our vibrant campuses, sign up for a sports membership or join student clubs and societies through the University of Sydney Union*. See more of what Sydney has to offer on the Life in Sydney page.

*Available to Direct Entry Course students only