Facts & figures

The Nepean Local Health District

  • 1 million+ Community and outpatient occasions of service
  • 373,205 Residents in 2016
  • 5,711 Total clinical staff (2016, 2017)
  • 3.1% Aboriginal population (2016, 2017)
  • Source: Nepean and Blue Mountains Local Health District (Strategic Plan, 2018-2023)

CPC Nepean

Life-changing outcomes for the residents of greater western Sydney

Our aim is to be the catalyst for life-changing health improvements for the people of greater western Sydney and beyond.

Our mission

As part of the Charles Perkins Centre Network, CPC Nepean shares the same mission: to ease the burden of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and related conditions by enabling collaborative interdisciplinary research and education that translates into real-world solutions. Situated at the coalface of this 21st century epidemic, CPC Nepean is uniquely positioned to carry out world-class research and implement solutions right where it is needed the most.

Our vision

  • linking researchers to resources through the clinical network, infrastructure and patient cohorts available at Nepean
  • fostering partnerships with local primary health care providers, Local Health Districts, councils, and businesses to facilitate the translation of research to 'real life’
  • connecting researchers with policy-makers at the local and state levels to facilitate the translation of research findings into practical solutions
  • bridging the communication gap between researchers and the community, providing education, and giving people a voice in the future of their own health.

What impact will this research have?

Our research indicates there is a possibility that dietary modifications in pregnancy can prevent conditions such as allergies or other immune diseases later in life. If proven right, this will have a huge socio-economic impact, especially on the wellbeing of our future generations.

Featured research projects

1. Family-focused obesity clinic

Our clinic treats families affected by obesity and its related conditions. Our whole-of-family approach addresses behaviours learned in the home, encouraging families to learn, change and support each other as a family unit in pursuit of better health.

2. Maternal oral health and pregnancy outcomes

A collaborative study to investigate whether oral health, in particular, gum disease, is associated with problems during pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia and miscarriage, through the influence of pro-inflammatory processes on immune tolerance.

3. Maternal dietary influence on fetal immune programming

This project is focused on discovering the link between dietary choices and modifications during pregnancy, and the relationship to allergies and other immune conditions later in the child's life.