Facts & figures

The Westmead precinct

  • 2.5 million patient visits per year
  • 1600 students in Westmead precinct
  • 1250 research projects in Westmead precinct
  • 900 staff and affiliates
  • 300 research students

Facts & figures

Greater Western Sydney

  • 2.2 million residents
  • 170 countries represented
  • 44% of Sydney population
  • 1.9% of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population
  • Source: Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (Census, 2016)

CPC Westmead

Expanding and integrating cardiometabolic disease research

Located in the geographic centre of Sydney, in the booming health hub of the Westmead precinct, CPC Westmead, is translating world-class research into real-world impact.

As part of the Charles Perkins Centre Network, CPC Westmead shares the same mission: to ease the burden of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease by enabling collaborative interdisciplinary research and education that translates into real-world solutions.

  • Strengthening our research, education and practice collaborations through research into cardiometabolic disease at the Westmead Hub, as well as the wider Faculty of Medicine and Health, and other faculties of the University.
  • Building productive collaborations that can take research through to practice.
  • Delivering clinical services and improving outcomes for patients with cardiometabolic and related conditions in Western Sydney.

Coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity are very real issues for people living in Western Sydney. CPC Westmead is home to researchers and clinicians working across the Westmead health precinct and in various other settings throughout Western Sydney to find solutions to these major health problems.

1. Childhood diabetes

Uncovering the risk factors for children whose families have type 1 diabetes. This involves a world-first trial using autologous cord blood to prevent type 1 diabetes in at-risk children.

2. Causes of type 1 diabetes

Discovering how viruses can trigger type 1 diabetes, part of a larger study on the environmental and genetic triggers for the disease.

3. Impact of oral disease on health

Understanding the link between oral health and overall health: poor oral health has adverse effects on overall health and is likely to shorten lifespan. Oral disease can have negative effects on diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, dementia and pregnancy outcomes. Our researchers are investigating aspects of preventable dental disease and the links to overall health.


Professor Clara Chow
Professor Clara Chow
"Collaboration – working together effectively – is key to discovering and developing great ideas and translating our research findings into improvements to the health of our patients and populations. I'm excited to see CPC Westmead unlock this potential for more clinicians and researchers in the Westmead precinct"
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Professor Maria Craig
Professor Maria Craig
"CPC Westmead underlines the breadth of the expertise located at Westmead and the critical importance of working with the local community, health services, and politicians to make meaningful changes to address these conditions."
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