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Reconciliation, Opportunities, Wellbeing of First Nations Peoples

2 - 3 February 2023, The Mackenzie Room, Charles Perkins Centre

Proudly supported by Economic Society of Australia, National Health and Medical Research Council (Against the Odds project), ARC Life Course Centre, and University of Sydney School of Economics & the Charles Perkins Centre.

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This event aims to bring together researchers interested in the opportunities for and wellbeing of First Nations peoples.

The event provides an opportunity for researchers of any background to present, discuss and learn about

  1. quantitative (data) analyses of economic outcomes and policy/program evaluations,
  2. the availability of data through which First Nation peoples’ outcomes can be analysed, 
  3.  the importance of Indigenous data sovereignty and what this means for non-Indigenous researchers, and 
  4.  Indigenous research methods and ways of communication. The event also provides an opportunity to make connections and facilitate collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers. 


There will be invited speakers from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds. We are privileged to have Professor Pat Dudgeon (University of Western Australia) as our keynote speaker.

More information and registration

Schurer Stefanie

  • 2W75 Charles Perkins Centre D17