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Latest news

25 March 2021

Australian team gets to the heart of COVID-19

In a study completed in just 10 months, University of Sydney researchers have uncovered some of the ways COVID-19 affects the heart and identified potential drug treatments which have progressed to clinical trials.
04 March 2021

How we tackle the obesity epidemic needs to change

On World Obesity Day our experts discuss policy change, research and treatment that aligns with this year's global theme "Every Body Needs Everybody."
03 March 2021

Belly fat resistant to every-other-day fasting: study

Scientists have mapped out what happens to fat deposits during intermittent fasting (every second day), with an unexpected discovery that some types of fat are more resistant to weight loss in mice.
24 February 2021

Sydney research informs Sports Medicine Australia's new heat policy

Pioneering research into heat and health from the University of Sydney's Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory has paved the way for the development of Sports Medicine Australia's new extreme heat policy.
18 February 2021

Hyper-intense white matter in brain found in frontotemporal dementia

A University of Sydney study has found the amount of white matter hyperintensities in the brain is associated with severity of frontotemporal dementia.