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21 May 2024

How do receptors multi-task across different organs and tissues in the body?

An international team of researchers has published a new study in Nature which explains how the body's cell receptors multi-task and interact with the proteins that interpret changes in body chemistry.
03 May 2024

To boost quality of life while aging, stay active or get active by 55

A new study has shown a link between regular exercise during mid-age and physical health later on, even when the exercise routine was not started until the mid-50s.
02 May 2024

How corporations harm your health through everyday products - a history

We think we control our health but corporations selling forever chemicals, fossil fuels and ultra-processed foods have a much greater role, writes Dr Nick Chartres, senior research fellow at the University of Sydney with co-author Professor Lisa Bero from University of Colorado.
02 May 2024

Nanotech opens door to future of insulin medication

Research led by the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District has developed a new type of oral insulin based on nanotechnology. In the future, it could offer the 75 million people worldwide who use insulin for diabetes a more effective and needle-free alternative.
01 May 2024

Navigating supermarket food aisles

Our CPC RPA Health for Life Program team offers some tips on navigating supermarket food aisles amid the onslaught of advertising designed to make us buy what we might not need and which may not be healthy.
18 April 2024

New therapy shows promise for a rare childhood dementia

New RNA-targeted therapy can halt the progression of a specific type of childhood dementia in mice and holds potential to reverse some of the detrimental effects of this rare disease.
17 April 2024

Research explores how a father's diet could shape the health of his offspring

A mice study suggests a father's diet may shape the anxiety of his sons and the metabolic health of his daughters before they are even conceived.
16 April 2024

Program aims to break down dementia stigma in Chinese Australian communities

Stigma about the disease is deterring Chinese Australians from seeking early diagnosis and support. University of Sydney researchers are working with the Chinese community to change that.
15 April 2024

Important health information missing in online food delivery menus

Many menu items on online food delivery services do not display important nutritional information. Researchers say current NSW menu labelling laws should be updated and monitored closely on online food delivery services.
10 April 2024

Does the time of day you move your body make a difference to your health?

Undertaking the majority of daily physical activity in the evening is linked to the greatest health benefits for people living with obesity, according to researchers who followed the trajectory of 30,000 people over almost eight years.