08 December 2022

STEM Reach to regional schools

Students from far north NSW, many of which have been affected by the recent floods, are set to benefit from a professional learning program focused on developing teachers' capacity to collaboratively design integrated STEM curriculum for school students.
16 November 2022

New nasal vaccine strategy could improve COVID-19 protection

Australian researchers have found a new vaccine approach delivered via simply breathing in through the nose creates a strong immune response in the lungs and against SARS-CoV-2.

16 November 2022

Sydney researchers ranked among global elite

Around 400 academics from the University of Sydney have been recognised among the best in the world in their fields, from renewable energies and chronic disease prevention to space science.
16 November 2022

Jennie Mackenzie donates 20 million to Charles Perkins Centre

Jennie Mackenzie's generous donation will offer critical support to early career researchers and encourage collaboration across disciplines at the Charles Perkins Centre. 

10 November 2022

Octopuses witnessed hurling silt, shells and algae

Professor Peter Godfrey-Smith from the Faculty of Science reveals why octopuses display this unique physiological trait, which he observed through his research. 

08 November 2022

Study confirms that processed foods key to rising obesity 

The modern palate's preference for highly processed and refined foods over a protein-rich diet is a key contributor to the high obesity rates in the Western world. 

01 November 2022

Meet the great minds of the Charles Perkins Centre

The Charles Perkins Centre's mission to fight deadly illnesses emerged from a momentous anonymous donation. Ten years on, it continues to tackle chronic disease and make waves with through its collaborative research.
01 November 2022

Charles Perkins Centre's decade of discovery

Over 10 years, the Charles Perkins Centre has made significant inroads in the fight against chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.
28 October 2022

National research centre to transform diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders

New national research centre will transform diagnosis and treatment, starting with research into perfectionism, genetics, trauma links, psilocybin and more. 

26 October 2022

First WHO 'watch list' of health-threatening fungi released

The WHO today published its first-ever list of fungal 'priority pathogens' - a catalogue of 19 fungi that represent the greatest threat to public health.