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Lifespan obesity

Tackling obesity with a family-oriented approach

A team of experts in different fields with one mission: finding solutions to prevent and manage obesity for individuals, families and communities in western Sydney and beyond.

Our vision is to find real-world, effective and wide-reaching solutions for obesity. This includes developing assessment and management tools that recognise the multiple factors leading to the development of obesity within an individual, within families and within communities. The node draws on the expertise of high-profile researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre and professionals at the Nepean Family Obesity Service

A family-orientated, holistic approach to obesity, drawing on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses and midwives.  Embedded within a rich research and educational environment provided through the Charles Perkins Centre Nepean, the project node facilitates a shared mission to ease the burden of obesity and related conditions across the lifespan in greater western Sydney and beyond.

  • Use of app-based technology in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies in a tertiary obesity clinic and primary care setting
  • Genetics of family obesity
  • Ambulatory testing for sleep-disordered breathing in a tertiary obesity clinic setting. 

With strong collaborative partnerships like the Nepean Blue-Mountains Primary Healthcare Network, the project node is set to develop, test and validate strategies to manage obesity in the individual and within families. This is done broadly across the lifespan, including the key milestones of childhood, adolescence, childbearing years and pregnancy. Another fundamental goal is to support the roll-out of these approaches into the greater community.

  • We have contributed to the National Framework for Clinical Obesity Services
  • We have supported the set up and ongoing development of Australia's only lifespan tertiary obesity service, with paediatric, obstetric (antenatal and postnatal), adolescent and adult clinics.
  • We are currently supporting the implementation of virtual care and integrated care for obesity, including the development and implementation of a patient monitoring app called POPFIT.
  • We work collaboratively with The Obesity Collective, the Weight Issues Network, the local Nepean Blue Mountains Overweight and Obesity Working group that includes tertiary obesity services, NBMLHD community services, the NBM primary healthcare network, local councils, researchers and those with lived experience.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

  • Sally Badorrek
  • Sharon Hammad
  • Sarah Lam
  • Associate Professor Gary Leong
  • Annette Macdonald
  • Bradley Marney

Project Node Leader

Dr Kathryn Williams
Dr Kathryn Williams
"The Charles Perkins Centre opens up opportunities for cooperative research – from bench to bedside."
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