Lifespan obesity

Tackling obesity with a multifaceted approach
A team of experts in different fields with one mission: finding solutions to prevent and manage obesity for individuals, families and communities in western Sydney and beyond.

Our vision is to have real-world, effective and wide-reaching solutions for obesity.

We take a holistic approach to obesity across the lifespan, drawing on the expertise of the multidisciplinary team within the Nepean Blue Mountains Family Metabolic Health Service (NBMFMHS). Our work is embedded within the rich research and educational environment provided through the Charles Perkins Centre Nepean. The project node facilitates a shared mission to ease the burden of obesity and related conditions across the lifespan in Greater Western Sydney and beyond.

Integrated community models of obesity management

The aim of this work is to better understand overweight and obesity in adults within the Nepean Blue Mountains region and how integrated care solutions can improve capacity and collaboration with the medical workforce to support these individuals closer to home.

Virtual models of care in obesity

The aim of this work is to better understand digital health solutions that can support holistic care within a tertiary obesity service, and integrated care within the community. We have completed a detailed consultation with PricewaterhouseCoopers to explore best practice hybrid models of care and have worked closely with an app developer and Associate Professor  Jinman Kim in the University’s Faculty of Engineering to create a tailored and purpose-built app to facilitate the care in these settings.

Adolescent obesity and mental health

A collaboration to better understand how to assess and manage this high-risk population with a particular focus on eating disorders. This project stems from a collaboration with Professor Louise Baur, Dr Hiba Jebeile and their team at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Westmead.

The Nepean Paediatric Outcomes Data Study (NPODS)

This project aims to investigate paediatric obesity and the effects of engagement with the NBMFMHS on families' eating, exercise and lifestyle behaviours. This work was initially developed in collaboration with Professor Louise Baur as a part of the CHild and Adolescent obesity Management Pathway [CHAMP] Study.

Understanding health and wellbeing in Opal, a specialised obesity pregnancy and postnatal service

The aim of this research is to record, analyse and report detailed clinical phenotyping of women with a history of obesity (with or without metabolic and obesity surgery), and to study the Opal model of care to better understand the implementation and efficacy of interventions offered within the service. It also aims to document clinician, patient and community attitudes to obesity and the Opal clinic in the antenatal and postnatal healthcare settings, with a focus on stigma and its effects.

The impact of obesity on cardiovascular haemodynamics

A collaboration with the Dr Faraz Pathan of the Charles Perkins Centre Nepean aiming to improve survival and quality of life in people with obesity by via earlier recognition of currently undiagnosed heart disease. 

  • To improve the care of people living with overweight and obesity in the Nepean Blue Mountains region.
  • To influence models of care for obesity management at a state, national and international level.
  • To inform evidence-based practices, policies and procedures related to obesity and other chronic diseases.
  • To support and advocate for people living with overweight and obesity. 
  • We have contributed to the National Framework for Clinical Obesity Services
  • We have supported the set up and ongoing development of Australia's only lifespan tertiary obesity service, with paediatric, obstetric (antenatal and postnatal), adolescent and adult clinics.
  • We are currently implementing different modes of virtual care for obesity, including supporting the development and implementation of a patient monitoring app called POPFIT.
  • We are currently developing an evaluation and research program that will align with the design and implementation of community-based health service strategies for type 2 diabetes and overweight and obesity. This is part of a Collaborative Commissioning initiative with NSW Health and the local Primary Health Network and LHD services.
  • We work collaboratively with the Obesity Collective, the Weight Issues Network and other organisations working to improve the lives of those with overweight and obesity at a state and national level. 

Project Node Leader

Dr Kathryn Williams
Dr Kathryn Williams
"The Charles Perkins Centre opens up opportunities for cooperative research – from bench to bedside."
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