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Study science at University of Sydney

Why Sydney?

At the University of Sydney, we’ve revolutionised our science degrees. We’ve united our expertise in science, agriculture, environment and veterinary sciences to revamp our courses completely and offer you the broadest possible choice. Alongside biology, chemistry and physics, we have new courses in nanoscience, food science, data science, applied medical sciences, life sciences and health.

Studying science at Sydney can take you from the nanoscale to the cosmic, the soil to the stars, through biological, chemical and physical processes to understanding disease in people, animals and plants and how to prevent it. You can study in some of the world’s best scientific facilities including the Sydney Nanoscience Hub or the Westmead medical precinct, gaining broad and deep knowledge, fine-tuned laboratory skills and opportunities to conduct postgraduate research.

Science can take you anywhere

Our graduates go into careers in agribusiness, astronomy, food production, forestry and fisheries, medical science, mining and resources, sports science, policy and journalism. They are vets, nutritionists and psychologists. You could be part of the global solution to issues of water, energy and sustainability in government agencies or NGOs. Science improves and saves millions of lives. 

Studying science also opens doors to other disciplines such as music, history and languages, all of which you can study along with science at Sydney.

A world of opportunity

Science has always been at the centre of humanity’s attempts to understand the world and make it a better place. But never has the rate of advancement been as rapid or as exciting as it is now. The opportunities are endless, from unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos to creating new materials or feeding the world. Science can take you anywhere.

Why study Agriculture and Environment?

World-class Nanoscience facilities

Our Courses

QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2019

We're ranked first in Australia and fifth in the world for graduate employability


Why you should study science at Sydney

Yes, our tree-lined campus is one of the reasons

Studying science has never been more important and choosing where to do it can be a tough decision. Here's the top reasons why we think you should study a science degree at Sydney.

Careers in science: where your science degree could take you

Studying science can take your career anywhere

You may be wondering what a degree in science or mathematics could mean for your career. Rest assured – there is a huge range of opportunities waiting for you.
To help you understand common terms that we use at the University, we offer an online glossary.