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Close up view of the working bees on the honeycomb with sweet honey.
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Study biology to discover how living systems work
Journey from molecular mechanisms and whole organism processes to the ecological scale, as you study living systems in biology.

Biology courses

You can choose a specialist biology degree, or choose to undertake a biology-related program, major, minor, or electives within one of our other degrees.

Specialist course

Undergraduate courses

Biology majors available in these courses:

Most majors are also available as minors.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate research courses

To find a potential supervisor visit Research Supervisor Connect.

Studying biology

Biology holds the key to solving some of the biggest challenges our planet faces. You can investigate a multitude of life forms from viruses, bacteria and protozoans, to fungi, plants and animals, including us humans.

As you unravel the complexities of how these life forms interact with each other and their abiotic environments, your studies can take you from the laboratory to a rainforest, desert, farm or underwater. Be astounded and endlessly fascinated by the immense diversity of biology, and feel prepared for a career that can take you around the world.

Why study with us?

  • Our courses in biology include hands-on laboratory and field work that’s relevant to your area of study.
  • We are ranked 22nd in the world for Life Sciences and Medicine by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020.
  • You can work in one of our many field sites, including One Tree Island in the Great Barrier Reef and Crommelin Biological Research Station, depending on which study areas you choose.
  • You can also work with Taronga Zoo staff, facilities and animals, and do research with partners, such as the CSIRO and the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

Biology careers

Our graduates can be found in many settings and roles, including:

  • animal breeding program manager
  • biosecurity scientist
  • biotechnologist
  • ecologist
  • entomologist
  • molecular geneticist
  • national parks and wildlife services officer
  • plant biologist 
  • reproductive biologist
  • sustainable agriculturalist

Student profile

Tia-Jane Freeman - Bachelor of Science, major in Biology

"I chose to study science and major in biology, because it's something I'm passionate about and I like the idea of getting in to research. My favourite experience so far is definitely getting to volunteer on projects and discover first-hand what being a researcher really involves."

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