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Alumni networks

There are more than 25 alumni networks, associations, and chapters
We love staying in touch with our alumni all over the world, and helping you to connect with both the University, and peers, through our global network of alumni groups.

Becoming an active member of our alumni networks, associations and chapters is a great way to expand your networks, maintain your connection to the University and contribute to the life of the University and the wider community.

If you're interested in becoming more involved with your local network, or if you'd like help establishing or running a network please feel free to contact us.


Sydney Alumni Community Network

Join the new Sydney Alumni Community Network on LinkedIn to start growing your professional networks, learn from industry experts, ask career questions and be the first to access exclusive alumni benefits and offers.
Volunteering is an adventure. Meeting people from different walks of life and different ways of life brings together unexpected experiences. It gave me a sense of purpose to give back to the University community that I value so much.
Pauline Plumb (BVArts '04 MSA '04), graduation volunteer and Welcome to Sydney host.