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Regional, special interest and college networks

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Regional and special interest networks

The University of Sydney Canberra Alumni Association (USCAA) was established in 2009.

All alumni who have a home or work address in Canberra are automatically members of the association, which holds events in Canberra throughout the year.

In 2024, a new USCAA Executive Committee was elected:
Dr Ezaz Mamun, President
Ms Suzanne Howarth, Deputy President
Miss Rebecca Armstrong, Treasurer
Miss Raylynn Benn, Secretary
Miss Samanthi Bandula
Dr Malcolm Beazley
Ms Eline Martinsen
Mr Jack Schwager
Mr Timothy Seguna
Mr Leo Wang

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The Western NSW Alumni Network collaborates with the University of Sydney and the School of Rural Health in Dubbo. The network hosts events in the Dubbo region each year.

All alumni who have a home or work address in the Western NSW region are automatically members of the Western NSW Alumni Network.

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Geoff Wise (BVSc '69)
Convenor, Western NSW Alumni Network

The Sydney University Graduate Choir is dedicated to high-quality performances of great choral music by the established masters and by contemporary composers.

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John Appelby
President, Sydney University Graduate Choir

As a Friend of the University of Sydney Library you'll support the network of information of which the library is an integral part, and become part of a personal network of like-minded people with a common interest in the library's work.

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The University of Sydney Union Alumni and Friends Association (USUAAF) provides networking opportunities, mentoring and celebrating cultural achievements of the union community.

Damian Furlong
President USUAAF

Established in 1977 on the initiative of the late Sir Hermann Black, the Chancellor's Committee is a group of volunteers who raise money for projects of University-wide significance.

Janette Lakiss 

Les Bailey

Les Bailey
Member of the Chancellor's Committee
"An education is a great asset. Among other things, the Chancellor’s Committee raises funds for scholarships. It is rewarding to think that my volunteer work is helping to give someone an opportunity to gain an education which they may not otherwise have had."


The Chancellor's Committee