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Our top picks around the University
Thought-provoking talks and ideas regularly take place across the University, beyond the Sydney Ideas program. Here are some of our recommendations.

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The Biennale of Sydney at the Chau Chak Wing Museum

  • 9 March - 10 June | Free and in-person
  • For the first time, the Chau Chak Wing Museum will be an Exhibition Partner as part of the 24th Biennale of Sydney. The Museum will host works by a range of international artists, including Mangala Bai Maravi from India’s Baiga tribe and the late Chinese-American painter Martin Wong. Learn more

Michael Leslie in Conversation

  • Saturday 8 June, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm | Tickets $5 and in-person 
  • Join Chau Chak Wing Museum for a talk by dancer, choreographer and educator Michael Leslie. Book

Centring nature in the transformation of urban spaces

Towards a New Pacific Constitutionalism

  • Thursday 27 June, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm | $5 tickets and in-person
  • In this talk Dr Bal Kama reflects on the history as captured in Tidal Kin, to discuss legal and political innovations in the Pacific, and the state of the relationship with Australia. Book

Climate change, environment and cardiovascular health symposium

  • Friday 28 June, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm | Free and in-person
  • Presented by Charles Perkins Centre Nepean and the Cardiovascular Initiative, this symposium brings together world-leading researchers from the University of Sydney to examine the impact of our changing climate and the exposome on human health. Register

Podcasts from around the University

The Solutionists, with Mark Scott

Big challenges need big solutions. Meet the minds making it happen. Join Mark Scott, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Sydney, and get ready to view the world from a different perspective.

City Road Podcast is informed stories about cities and urban life. From the researchers in the Urban Housing Lab and Smart Urbanism Lab at The University of Sydney.

In Minding your Mind, mental health expert Prof Ian Hickie and author & broadcaster James O’Loghlin explore all aspects of mental health; the different types of mental health issues we can experience, their causes, how they affect us, and what we can do to get help and find solutions

Object Matters is the Chau Chak Wing Museum's regular podcast series hosted by Dr Craig Barker. Join Dr Craig Barker as he and a guest discuss one item in detail from the Museum's collections of art, archaeology, natural history, science and culture.

Plain square with text that says "Raising the Bar Sydney"

In April 2023 the University of Sydney and the City of Sydney teamed up to inject knowledge into people's night out for Raising the Bar Sydney. The event featured a wide range of topics from robotics and climate tech to cyber security and next-gen bio tech, catering to everyone's interests.

Be inspired by stories of community resilience and transformation in the face of the climate crisis. Reimagined Futures is a seven-part podcast series produced by the Sydney Environment Institute (based at the University of Sydney), the Social Entrepreneurship Association (Auroville), and the India and Bharat Together Foundation (New Delhi).

The Road To Find Out is a student-run podcast where academics from the University of Sydney chat about their remarkable personal journeys and ground-breaking research. Hosts Carla Field and Harry Peters sit down to talk about everything and anything - whether that be Greek philosophy, street libraries or educational disadvantage. 

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests on Shirtloads of Science for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

Sydney Business Insights (SBI) aims to further informed research and critical thinking on major issues and trends as it impacts on the future of business. SBI talks with leading and innovative thinkers in research, industry, government and community.

Unearthing Critical Minerals explores the minerals propelling our clean energy future. Join expert Professor Susan Park as she unpacks the global dynamics at play in the journey of minerals like copper, lithium, and cobalt from mines in Chile, to manufacturing warehouses in China, to the rooftops of Australian homes. Listen on your favourite podcast streaming app: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Acast

The Unlearn Project is about changing common sense. The way the world works has changed. Things you thought you knew like automation will make our work easier, music is something to listen to, large companies can’t innovate, or data is the new oil are no longer true. Hosts Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer set out to unlearn old wisdoms and discover new ones.