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Sydney Ideas recommends

Our top picks around the University

Thought-provoking talks and panels are regularly held across the University beyond the Sydney Ideas program. Here are some of our recommendations.

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A World of Oysters: Protecting Their Future

  • Wednesday 20 October, 4pm | Free and online
  • A panel of farmers, chefs and researchers discuss the vital role of oysters within Australia's marine biodiversity and culinary culture. Register

Lunchbox Science with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

  • Tuesday 26 October, 12pm | Free and online
  • Join Dr Karl for an entertaining and mind-bending voyage through science, as he tackles CO2 levels and climate change, gravitational waves, breaking the seal and diet drinks. Register

Emotion and Anxiety in Environmental History

  • Thursday 28 October, 12pm | Free and online
  • Hear from historians as they grapple with the emotional and psychological impacts of environmental change. Register

Your ancient Egypt, their living: centering Egyptian communities in Egypt’s dispersed heritage

  • Thursday 28 October, 6.30pm | Free and online
  • Egyptologist Heba Abd el Gawad traces the journey of Egypt's dispersed heritage with the help of humour and comics. Register

The Toxic Greed of Australia’s Gas-Led Recovery

  • Wednesday 3 November, 5pm | Free and online
  • Experts will highlight the risks and burdens on communities of a Gas-Led Recovery in regional NSW. Register

How Can Finance Address Climate Change?

  • Wednesday 10 November, 5pm | Free and online
  • A panel examining how the finance sector is shifting to incorporate climate modelling into its risk assessments for investments, and how climate finance is being used for addressing international climate injustice for those most affected by climate change. Register

14th Annual Wheelwright Lecture: Kim Stanley Robinson

  • Thursday 25 November, 2pm | Free and online
  • Public intellectual Kim Stanley Robinson is an acclaimed award-winning radical science fiction author and his talk will be about 'Dodging a Mass Extinction Event: Climate Change and Necessity'. Register


The Unlearn Project is about changing common sense. The way the world works has changed. Things you thought you knew like automation will make our work easier, music is something to listen to, large companies can’t innovate, or data is the new oil are no longer true. Hosts Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer set out to unlearn old wisdoms and discover new ones. From Sydney Business Insights at the University of Sydney Business School. Learn more and listen here

City of Sydney brought together innovators, leaders and thinkers to share their bright ideas on topics such as insects and future foods, dating post-COVID, healthcare and Hollywood. Catch up on the talks.

A panel of change-makers from the University and beyond discuss food insecurity and how each of their organisations are tackling this unjust system. Listen to the podcast.

How can we heal country, and in turn heal our nation? Lecturer in Indigenous, intergenerational, environmental and multispecies justice, and SEI Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Christine Winter explores this year’s NAIDOC week theme ‘Heal Country, Heal the Nation’ in a four-part podcast series from the Sydney Environment Institute. Listen here.