Including a gift in your Will

Every gift makes a lasting impact
For more than 160 years the University of Sydney has been leading to improve the world around us. Gifts in Wills from generous alumni and supporters have been critical to our success.

Throughout our history, gifts in Wills have helped to transform the lives of students through scholarships and bursaries, contributed to ground-breaking research discoveries, and enriched the University’s cultural collections and libraries for the benefit of the whole community.

We understand that leaving a gift in your Will is no small action. Wherever you choose to direct your gift, please know that every gift is treasured. Our team is here to assist you in creating a meaningful legacy that will shape a better future. 

Talk to our team about your vision for the future

Leaving a gift in your Will takes just a few conversations.

The breadth of disciplines and subject areas at the University is so vast that your gift can be personalised to make a lasting impact in the areas that are most important to you.

Contact Planned Giving

Getting started is as simple as getting in touch with us. You can email our team at

We can speak with you over the phone, invite you to campus or, where possible, arrange to visit you. We can help you find areas to support that align with your passions - from healthcare to music, the team an introduce you to people working in those areas and give you a tour of the campus or facilities.

Download our Gift in Wills pack

The pack includes information on the impact your gift could have, personal stories from other generous donors and some details on the process of leaving a bequest.
Download the pack (pdf, 782kb)
Cover of Gift in Wills pack

Seek suggested wording for your Will to ‘future-proof’ your legacy

Our team can assist you or your solicitor in drafting clauses for your bequest to ensure it is received as you intend, with the best possible long-term impact. We recommend you speak to your solicitor to ensure that the contents of your will accurately reflect your intentions.

If you would like some suggestions on will wording to capture your gift intentions, please contact us

We recommend you have a chat with us if your bequest references:

  • scholarship awarding requirements
  • an area/unit of study or research
  • naming
  • endowment
  • a department, school, institute, centre, collection, museum or college

Please note, the University cannot provide legal advice. The suggested wording we provide should be discussed with your solicitor. The wording recommendations we provide to you are not gift agreements and we understand you may change your mind at any time.

Should you choose to create your own Will there are now some easy and affordable online options. Safewill is an online Will writing platform offering a special discount to our alumni and supporters. Visit the Safewill site.  

Let us say thank you

If you plan to leave a gift in your Will, please contact our team to share your intentions so that we can thank you for your enduring contribution to learning and discovery.

Contact the team today.