Students writing on notebooks in a lecture theatre while attending a high school outreach program

High school outreach and access

Specialised pathways, scholarships and programs
Engaging with students experiencing educational disadvantage, including those residing in low socio-economic, regional or remote areas, to help build awareness, preparedness and access to university.

Discover our diverse range of high school outreach programs for both regional and metropolitan students. We travel to many NSW regions, bringing workshops directly to your community.

Explore our dedicated pathways and scholarships designed to support students traditionally underrepresented in higher education.  


For students of low socio-economic status, this scheme gives eligible students entry on a reduced ATAR requirement and an $8,500 per year scholarship for the degree's duration. 

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Students from regional or remote areas gain entry on a reduced ATAR requirement through this scheme. 

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The University of Sydney’s Education Access Scheme, is administered through UAC. Students gain adjustment factors for a range of educational disadvantages. 

Students may be eligible for other admission pathways and entry schemes.


Students can now apply to most of the University’s equity and merit based scholarships through one central application form.

The University offers a range of scholarships on equity grounds for students experiencing financial hardship, from regional and remote areas, with disabilities and other educational disadvantages. 

Submit one application through our central application form, and browse through the range of additional equity scholarships available from accommodation providers and external partners.

For students of low socio-economic status, this scholarship awards $8,500 per year for the duration of the degree through the MySydney Entry and Scholarship Scheme.

Accommodation scholarships are available to students experiencing disadvantages. One application can be made to all University-owned residences through the Sydney Student Accommodation Services Portal. Individual applications must be made to each college. 

Students are encouraged to explore all scholarships available, not only equity scholarships.


Partner Schools can choose from a range of workshops for Year 10 - 12 students either on campus or at your school, focusing on:

  • identification of skills and interests and how to link them to careers, degrees and HSC subject selection, 
  • in-depth course exploration through faculty activities,  
  • university application workshops including understanding UAC rounds, special admission criteria admission pathways,  
  • writing effective scholarship applications,
  • exploring accommodation,  
  • financing studies through scholarships, HECS-HELP and basic budgeting,
  • study skills and exam preparation.

Some programs are designed specifically for metro and regional schools.  

We also host a range of events throughout the year such as Webinar Wednesdays, Open Day and Info Day. All students are welcome to attend them. 

Metro programs

A one-day campus event for students in Years 10-12 designed for:

  • Year 10 students to explore links between personal interests and skills, higher education and future career pathways. Subject selection for senior studies is a core focus of the day.
  • Year 11 students to discover if university is a place for them. Increase academic capabilities, explore self-knowledge and steps to confidently apply to university.
  • Year 12 students to enrich their understanding and confidence for life after high school. They will dive into effectively searching for information, course requirements and scholarships and admission pathways.

This is an intensive year-long program for year 12 students from chosen partner schools.

Students undertake a range of activities from career planning, navigating university courses, entry requirements and pathways, and steps to a successful transition to university.

The University of Sydney hosts info nights at Fairfield, Penrith, Parramatta and other Sydney hubs, for students and parents to access key information including admission criteria, pathways, scholarships, and student support.

Regional programs

There are many complex factors informing regional students’ decision-making in transitioning to university. Our regional programs aim to shine a light on the options available in applying and studying at university.

We travel to many NSW regions with academic staff, students, and alumni to visit your school and community to deliver the following: 

An 1-hour workshop for:

  • Year 10 students to learn about subject selection, prerequisites and assumed knowledge. We will explore and encourage links between personal interests and skills, higher education, prerequisites, study options, future career paths and an understanding of study options at the University of Sydney.
  • Year 11 students to engage in a suite of activities to increase self-knowledge, and academic capacity and enhance their preparedness and confidence for university. Students will be challenged to evaluate where they are and their goals, while also enriching their understanding of the university experience.
  • Year 12 students to find connections between their current studies, aspirations, and university education. We will unpack the Undergraduate Guide and technical details around university applications. As we dive into your student’s extracurricular activities and skills, we will prepare them to confidently apply for scholarships.

A 30 minutes presentation covering essential information about the University of Sydney that can be delivered during lunch breaks. 

An evening event held locally in your region for students' parents/guardians and teachers, to learn about the University of Sydney.

Faculty, industry, and alumni are invited to give a unique perspective on jobs and growing industries in your region. We also focus on student support, ways to finance study, and current students share their journey to the Uni and tips for a successful transition. 

Career Advisers are invited to join the Sydney Future Students team, academic staff, alumni and students for a casual dinner following our evening Meet the University of Sydney event in your region, typically held at the same venue as the event.  

Career Advisers from regional schools are invited for a two day event at The University of Sydney. The event provides key program, pathways and scholarships updates, plus an opportunity to explore the campus, including accommodation, facilities, support research strengths.

The University holds two annual residentials, one for year 11 students and one for year 12 students.

Students will join us on campus for a week to have an immersive on-campus experience to explore the University of Sydney through a range of faculty workshops, accommodation tours, in-depth admission sessions, and gain an exciting snapshot of student life.

An online info evening for prospective regional and interstate domestic students to engage with the University and ask questions to faculty, accommodation, scholarships, admissions, and pathways staff.

The University of Sydney offers limited financial support for regional students travelling to Sydney for Open Day, held on the last Saturday of August, and Info Day, on the day of ATAR release.