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Agriculture robot
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Creating a digital, sustainable and healthier world through research and education

What others see as insurmountable problems, we see as exciting engineering and technology opportunities. 

Our commercially-viable, sustainable advances in food processing are reimaging waste and ensuring safety. We’re harnessing data to transform critical infrastructure into smart systems and revolutionising healthcare by developing affordable, accessible and transformative biomedical devices.

We are world leaders in robotics and intelligent systems, helping Qantas to fly greener, Rio Tinto to automate remote mines and Australian farmers to increase productivity. Our ground-breaking work in artificial intelligence is paving the way for driverless cars and advances in face recognition and other multi-view learning applications.

Our network of more than 1200 industry contacts provides our students with experiences that connect their technical expertise to real-world challenges, while developing leadership potential and entrepreneurial skills. That’s why the University of Sydney is number one in Australia and fourth globally for graduate employability.

We’re ‘open for business’, proactively seeking new opportunities to meet the challenges of industry, government and global communities head-on.

Study with us, collaborate with us, share our passion.

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