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We listen to the needs of your organisation and meet challenges through collaborative partnerships in research and education. We’ll keep you informed through networking opportunities, events and industry news.

We are actively seeking new opportunities for collaboration with industry and government organisations. We offer a comprehensive engagement service which starts with listening to your needs and gaining a real understanding of the current and future challenges.

Uniting with partners of all sizes from startups to large multinationals, we deliver many benefits from access to our world-class facilities, research expertise and professional consulting services, to graduate recruitment and continuing education for your staff.

Here are just some of our current research partnerships in action.

Together we can...

We understand that for robotics and intelligent systems to operate efficiently and work smarter, they need accurate perception of the world and new learning capabilities.

That’s why our research is helping companies such as ibeo Automotive, Nvidea, Applied EV and Renault to be at the forefront of driverless vehicle innovation.

Our ground-breaking technologies for Horticulture Innovation are improving farming productivity for Australian growers.

And we’re working with the Schmidt Ocean Institute to support the use of multiple robotic platforms in studying sensitive tropical reef systems.

Find out how your organisation can harness our world-leading expertise in autonomous robots and intelligent systems.

We understand that a healthier future for everyone is built on commercially viable, sustainable advances in food processing and development.

That’s why we’re working with Lang Technologies to transform citrus peel into an accessible, natural supplement for cancer patients in remission. We’re helping Agriculture to breed healthier, more productive chickens that lay nutrient-rich eggs, and developing new products from horticultural waste for Perfection Fresh Australia.  

Find out how your organisation can harness our research expertise to make lives better.

We understand that affordable, accessible and transformative healthcare innovation starts with strong partnerships between visionary clinicians, researchers and industry.

That’s why we’re working with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to develop a low-cost, non-invasive Breathalyser for diabetics to measure ketone levels. Our 3D-printed synthetic ceramic scaffolds are helping Allegra tap into the US$1.9billion global bone graft market. We’re connecting Nepean Hospital with regional and rural patients through Telehealth.

We partner with organisations of all sizes to develop solutions to problems, create new opportunities and anticipate future needs in health and wellbeing.

Find out how your organisation can harness our research expertise to improve the quality of life for everyone.

We understand that a safe, efficient and reliable Internet of Things (IoT) requires better sensors, connectivity and data analytics.

That’s why our research in mission-critical applications for manufacturing, autonomous cars, healthcare and the smart grid focuses on the needs of industry and government.

We’ve joined forces with the Australian government, Ausgrid and IBM to develop smart grid applications for 50,000 NSW households. And we’re working with Huawei to design the machine-to-machine building blocks that will transform critical infrastructure into smart systems.

Find out how your organisation can harness our IoT research expertise to help your business thrive.

We understand that to progress artificial intelligence (AI) machines need the capability to perceive, learn, reason and behave like humans.

That’s why our new centre has joined forces with UBTech Robotics to build theoretical foundations, principled methodologies and efficient algorithms for the next generation of AI systems.

We aim to put Australia at the forefront of AI innovation that will reshape infrastructure, healthcare, education and entertainment.

Find out how your organisation can harness our expertise in AI and humanoid robotics.

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Latest news