Four high school students collaborating around a study desk

High school outreach

Your gateway from high school to university

Our academics and Faculty Communicators, (current engineering and computer science students) are skilled at bringing your high school curriculum to life. 

We offer a number of educational experiences that can be delivered as incursions on your school campus either in class or as a before or after school activity. 

Our incursions are offered as a one-hour standard session or an extended version for more in-depth exploration of the theme. 

We can also host your school at the University of Sydney where they will have the opportunity to engage with our high end facilities and have a true engineering campus experience. We offer half-day and full-day excursions to campus. 

Our experiences are aligned to the following areas of study:  

  • Engineering studies 

    We can run a session in the field of telecommunications engineering, civil engineering, and biomedical engineering. 

  • Enterprise Computing 

    We offer an interactive class in the Principles of Cybersecurity .

  • Science and the environment 

    We offer a number of classes in the areas of hydrogen, solar and clean energy and well as water purification and filtration. 

Student events

Throughout the year, we hold a number of informative sessions and visits including hands-on activities held on campus.

Please view our calendar of events for more information. 

Alternatively, contact us to make a reservation for your class.