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The Warren Centre

Promoting excellence in engineering innovation
We unite industry, government and academia together in the areas of engineering, computer science, technology and innovation.

The Warren Centre was established in 1982 following public fundraising, coinciding with the centenary of Engineering at the University.

The objective of the Centre, as established in that appeal, was to promote excellence and innovation in engineering and greater co-operation between the Faculty, industry and government.

The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering was up until 2020 an ASIC registered controlled entity; it has now transitioned back with the the Faculty of Engineering. 

The Warren Centre aims to promote excellence and innovation in engineering and to promote collaboration between the Faculty, industry and government. Its objectives include to:

  • provide independent comment and advice to government and industry, on engineering and technology issues; 
  • initiate, undertake and promulgate the outcomes of projects funded by industry and government, emphasising significant areas of interest to Faculty researchers;
  • organise functions including seminars, courses and lectures to facilitate improvements in engineering practice and to transmit knowledge among researchers, industry and government;
  • create and sustain common interest networks in innovative engineering and technologies, involving industry and government leaders, encouraging interchange with the Univeristy; and 
  • add to the reputation and standing of the Faculty as well as the Centre through the quality and significance of the Centre's work and its dissemination in the public arena. 

Our staff

  • Mr Chris Vonwiller (Chair)
  • Professor Willy Zwaenepoel (Ex-Officio Director)
  • Mr Chris Janssen, GPC Electronics Pty Ltd
  • Dr John Lear, JBL Consulting
  • Ms Fiona Mahony, Telstra
  • Mr John Donohoe, Project Manager