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Partner with us in developing exceptional graduates

We’re creating tomorrow’s highly sought after engineers, project managers and information technology professionals. Partner with us in providing real-world industry experience while benefiting from fresh ideas and new talent. 

We’re shaping our students into industry leaders: fostering their passion and motivation, and giving them hands-on experience as well as technical skills. We’re also preparing them to be excellent communicators, able to work effectively within teams and with clients.

As our industry or government partner, you are an essential part of their educational experience. In return, your organisation benefits through access to our brightest students with new ideas and approaches to your business’s specific needs. 

Internships and professional experience

The Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship (ESIPS) program offers organisations the opportunity to work with some of our highest achieving students (top 25 per cent) in the final year of their studies.

For a financial commitment, your student will work under your direction while completing a high-level investigative project based on your organisation’s specific needs. This means your organisation will receive fresh ideas and enthusiasm from the next generation of engineering, computing and project management leaders.

When is the project available?

Our ESIPS recipients may undertake a six-month industry placement with your organisation, preferably onsite at your organisation’s premises, between either:  

  • January–June, or
  • July–December

How does it work?

You will be paired with a senior student who will have successfully met our in-depth application criteria. Your organisation is invited to participate in the selection process.

Your student will receive academic supervision throughout the process to ensure the project is suitable and provides a strong financial return for your company. They will follow your student’s progress and provide support at all levels.

You will be able to track your student’s progress via presentations which will take place during and upon completion of the project. 

Should you wish to offer them a position as a graduate or part-time employee upon completion, they will be able to add value to your business straight away.  

Your financial commitment

As a scholarship partner, your total financial commitment will be $30,000 per student for each six-month placement.  

This costing covers:  

  • $19,000 student scholarship 
  • $11,000 in associated Faculty costs.  

Additional travel expenses and assistance with accommodation costs will be required for all placements located outside the greater Sydney region.  

More information

To learn more about our ESIPS program, please contact:

This program provides students with authentic, practical and experiential learning in a professional environment. Our engineering students are required to complete the equivalent of at least 12 weeks of full-time professional experience for accreditation in areas such as design, analysis or testing, project management, investigatory assignments and onsite inspections, technical writing projects and more.

By partnering with us, your organisation will gain:

  • access to talented students who can bring new perspectives to your organisation
  • an additional resource for key projects
  • a potential recruitment channel
  • a tool for staff engagement and development by providing mentoring opportunities for staff
  • the ability to engage and strengthen your relationship with the University
  • the opportunity to enhance your company profile through brand awareness and contribute to your organisation’s corporate social responsibility.

Jacaranda Flame Consulting (JFC) is a simulated engineering consultancy, where a team of four to five highly skilled undergraduate and Master of Professional Engineering students become your organisation’s external consulting team. Under the supervision of qualified professional engineers, students learn about the nature of professional practice, whilst also providing a valuable service to the community and industry.

When is the project available?

The program is offered twice a year during the University semester breaks:

  • Winter (June to July) – 6 weeks
  • Summer (December to February) 8-9 weeks

Students work on the project full-time, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, at the JFC office in Chippendale.

Project briefs can be submitted by an organisation at any time. Successful briefs will be selected based on whether the project is appropriate, considering student availability and capability.

How does it work?

As a client, you will need to provide a point of contact in your organisation to work with the student-contractors one to two hours per week, in addition to responding to enquiries via phone or email during working hours.

Each project team will meet with the client at the commencement of the program to understand their needs and agree on timeframes and deliverables. 

The project team will provide the client with:

  • a project charter
  • regular communication including weekly meetings and reporting
  • a final business report
  • final group presentation at the end of the program.

Examples of past projects

  • Feasibility and design of electrification of a fleet of aircraft  
  • A novel drone design to deliver 2kg up to 50km  
  • Software application to automate detailed design and materials list for supporting structure of very large LED TV billboards  
  • Design of a new vertical transport system for Western Sydney Airport  
  • Review of asset management principles, standards, and terminology for local government

Intellectual Property

Any Intellectual Property generated is owned by the client and JFC can facilitate signing of non-disclosure agreements if required.

More information

Contact us to discuss how JFC can support your organisation's needs.

Community engagement

We are committed to developing skills and opportunities for Indigenous students in engineering, computer science and project management. With industry support, we are able to provide academic and financial assistance to foster the skills and talents of these future professionals. In partnering with us through scholarships, industry site visits, mentorship and internships, we can assist your organisation in meeting its engagement and outreach objectives. 

Through week-long residential programs, we offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students from across Australia the opportunity to explore the possibilities of studying and working as an engineer. Our programs involve engineering activities, career talks, industry site visits and networking opportunities.

We currently host the following programs:

  • Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES), in partnership with Engineering Aid Australia
  • Wingara Mura Bunga Barrabugu Winter Program
  • Indigenous Student STEM Spring Workshop 

Support scholarships for Indigenous students by providing financial assistance. In doing so, your organisation can foster authentic, practical and experiential learning to advance a student’s growth as an engineer. 

Connect with our current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in engineering, computer science and project management by providing valuable industry support and learning experiences such as site visits and career guidance, which will enhance their undergraduate experience. 

Our students are required to complete the equivalent of at least six weeks of full-time professional experience for accreditation. Support our students by offering valuable work experience, graduate programs and internships for Indigenous graduates.

Postgraduate Research Scholarship

We are offering a prestigious scholarship program to support the development of individuals' engineering capacity through collaboration with select companies and industry partners around the world. 

The scholarship program offers partner employees the opportunity to complete a PhD in engineering or computer science at the Univeristy. 

The research scholarship is offered to prospective Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student for up to 3.5 years.  

Sandra Margon

Head, External Relations
  • Level 5, Dean's Unit School of Computer Science Building J12