Partner with us to develop exceptional people

There are several ways to engage with us and we are always looking for new partners.

Talent acquisition and development

Jacaranda Flame Consulting (JFC) is a simulated engineering consultancy, where a team of highly skilled undergraduate and Master of Professional Engineering students become your organisation’s external consulting team, allowing them to learn about the nature of professional practice, whilst also providing a valuable service to the community and industry. 

ESIPS offers organisations the opportunity to work with some of our highest achieving Engineering students in the final year of their studies. For a financial commitment, your student will work under your supervision while completing a high-level investigative project based on your organisation’s specific needs. 

Our Engineering Careers Expo and Industry Talk Series offer a unique opportunity for your organisation to engage directly with high-quality students and future graduates specialising in Engineering, Project Management, and Computer Science.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

We are committed to developing skills and opportunities for Indigenous students. With industry support, we are able to provide academic and financial assistance to foster the skills and talents of these future professionals. In partnering with us through scholarships, industry site visits, mentorship and internships, we can assist your organisation in meeting its engagement and outreach objectives.  

Support scholarships for Indigenous students by providing financial assistance. In doing so, your organisation can foster authentic, practical and experiential learning to advance a student’s growth as an engineer.  

Provide valuable industry support and learning experiences such as site visits and career guidance, which will enhance their undergraduate experience.  

Our students are required to complete the equivalent of at least six weeks of full-time professional experience for accreditation. Support our students by offering valuable work experience, graduate programs and internships for Indigenous graduates. 

Research partnerships

Connect with leading researchers who are solving real-world challenges. Partner with Australia’s first and leading university to drive important research projects. 

By engaging with us, you can:

  • Achieve grant funding for projects that have real-world impact. 

  • Enhance your research and development capability

  • Benefit from the expertise of our world-leading researchers

  • Access our state-of-the-art research infrastructure and facilities. 

Industry Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Our PhD industry scholarship program supports the development of individuals’ engineering capacity through collaboration with select industry partners around the world. 

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