Chemical engineer awarded for research excellence

27 July 2017
Award winning research in chemical and biomolecular engineering

Professor Fariba Dehghani has received the highly prestigious Chemical Engineering Research Excellence award at this year’s Chemeca Conference.

Professor Fariba Dehghani

Professor Fariba Dehghani

Chemeca 2017, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, is one of Australia’s largest chemical engineering conferences.  The conference attracts engineers and scientists from around the world to showcase their research, exchange ideas and ultimately celebrate the pivotal role of chemical engineers in enhancing our quality of life.

This year, the Award of Excellence in Chemical Engineering Research was presented to Professor Fariba Dehghani, from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, for her significant contributions the field. Her approach to research and innovation is based on developing pragmatic, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to a diverse range of issues, from reducing the impact of waste on the planet, to developing materials for the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and infections.

Professor Dehghani has an outstanding ability to build collaborative research projects as evidenced by her directorship of the ARC Training Centre for the Australian Food Processing Industry which is co-funded by the Australian Research Council and 12 industry partners. She will soon be directing the future of the recently funded Centre for Advanced Food Enginomics (CAFE) which aims to address global issues rising from growing and aging populations, and the increased prevalence of chronic disease, while helping the Australian food industry deliver a safe, sustainable and secure food supply.

Professor Dehghani recently discussed some of Australia’s largest food waste problems and the school’s food waste transformation research for the Sydney Morning Herald. 

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Her work has been recognised and commended at a global level both through citations and international honours. With over 200 papers, 4400 citations and 13 patents, Professor Dehghani is leading the way in innovative chemical engineering research that improves people’s lives.