Computer scientist honoured for web information systems research

10 February 2020
Academic recognised as a WISE Fellow
Professor Athman Bouguettaya has received further honours for his ongoing research into service computing, named recipient of a Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE) Fellow Award.
Professor Athman Bouguettaya

Professor Athman Bouguettaya, Head of the School of Computer Science, has been awarded the Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE) Fellow Award in recognition for his ongoing research in the field of service computing.

It is the latest honour for Professor Bouguettaya, who was previously named the TSCVC Research Innovation Award recipient for outstanding innovations in the field of service computing by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The accolade bestowed by the WISE Society celebrates Professor Bouguettaya’s pioneering research into advancing and progressing service computing, cloud computing, databases and web information systems – particularly in the growing area of the Internet of Things (IoT).

“I am honoured to have been recognised by my peers and presented with such a prestigious award, especially as there are only a handful of recipients globally,” says Professor Bouguettaya, who has published over more than 240 books, chapters and journal articles in his research field.

“It is testament to the hard work conducted not only by myself in the areas of service computing and more recently the Internet of Things, but also my outstanding research group and research collaborators.”

Professor Bouguettaya’s current research focuses on leveraging the IoT to transform data generated by sensors and information technology devices into useful and ready-to-use information, called service.

This abstraction enables the delivery of advanced digital technologies to end users. An example of this is the use of energy-as-service, generated by smart clothes and shared via WiFi.

In this instance, the transfer of energy bypasses the use of the energy grid and provides an alternative for green and renewable energy to charge devices within WiFi reach.

The WISE Society functions as a collective of international researchers, professionals and industrial practitioners that promotes the advancement of web information systems academia, including big data techniques and applications, blockchain technologies, cloud computing, machine learning for the web and cybersecurity.

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