Future food engineering expertise boosted by new arrivals

1 September 2020
Researchers to provide new food for thought
The University of Sydney has expanded its research expertise in the rapidly growing area of future food engineering with the arrival of two new appointments, including a dedicated Professor of Practice.
Nuts and legumes

The Faculty of Engineering has welcomed the arrivals of newly appointed Professor of Practice Roman Buckow and Dr Damian Frank, who both join the faculty after respective careers with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Both join the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and will conduct their research as members of the Centre for Advanced Food Enginomics (CAFE).

Professor of Practice Roman Buckow

Professor of Practice Roman Buckow

Professor Roman Buckow arrives from the CSIRO with a wealth of knowledge and experience in large scale food processing, in particular extrusion and non-thermal food processing.

His research activities span a vast range of areas related to food engineering, including sustainable food manufacture, design of new food structures and textures, and the development of safe and healthy food ingredients and products through advanced food processing technologies.

As an appointed Professor of Practice, he will be working to forge new links between the university and industry in addition to building on his strong track record of successful commercial adaptation in dairy, meat and legume processing and product innovations.

“I am excited to be able to contribute to the extensive research being undertaken in the area of food engineering here at the University of Sydney,” said Professor Buckow.

“I am attracted to the holistic and applied food science focus shown by my new colleagues here at CAFE and I look forward to collaborating with them to address the major challenges of our future food systems.”

Professor Buckow has authored over 90 articles and chapters on nutrition, engineering and food safety and currently presides over both the International Association of Engineering and Food and the Australian Food Engineering Association.

Dr Damian Frank

Dr Damian Frank

He is joined by Dr Damian Frank, a food chemist and sensory food specialist in flavour and nutrient chemistry, sensory and consumer research.

Dr Frank’s latest research explores the development of new ways to measure the role of saliva in flavour development in the mouth and how it affects individual perception.

“Australia has some of the best agricultural produce in the world and access to some of the most creative and innovative food industry players,” said Dr Frank.

“By being able to apply my skills here at the University of Sydney and work with some very talented minds, I hope to grow Australia’s amazing potential as a high value exporter of food, as well as adding to our reputation as a foodie destination.”

Dr Frank previously developed and applied a number of novel instrumental techniques to understanding food quality while at CSIRO, including gas chromatography olfactometry to characterise aroma and proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry for real time measurement of flavour and non-volatile flavours.

“I am pleased to welcome two highly skilled and experienced experts who have been heavily involved in research translation and taking ideas from laboratory to commercial scale,” said Professor Fariba Dehghani, Director of the Centre for Advanced Food Enginomics.

“They are both widely recognised in their highly respective areas of food research and bring with them more than a decade of experience working in, and engaging with, industry.

“Both will bolster our centre’s research capacity in future food engineering and support our goals of overcoming the challenges that face our society relating to food and food processing.”

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