25 February 2022

Russia-Ukraine war: experts explain

University of Sydney experts weigh in on the rapidly escalating Russia-Ukraine war.
24 February 2022

Why study biomedical engineering at Sydney

Studying biomedical engineering at Sydney allows you to learn from world class experts from a range of fields and apply your skills and knowledge to help people live longer, healthier lives. 

15 February 2022

Australian Computing Research Alliance

The University of Sydney's School of Computer Science is a member of the Australian Computing Research Alliance.
10 February 2022

University partners with 2U to offer online postgraduate degrees

The University will offer postgraduate students online Master's degrees in high-demand fields beginning February 2023.
09 February 2022

Why some men just can't stomach plant-based food

Dr Diana Bogueva and colleagues explore why men often react strongly to plant-based meat alternatives.
04 February 2022

Sydney researchers recognised by Royal Society of NSW

University of Sydney researchers won four of eight 2021 Royal Society of NSW awards and a PhD student received a Royal Society Scholarship.