22 April 2024

Medical drone project receives $3.6 million to close health gap in rural and remote Australia

A hydrogen-fuelled, emissions free medical drone is being developed by the University of Sydney in partnership with ASAC Consultancy.
13 April 2024

AI can write you a poem and edit your video. Now, it can help you be funnier

University of Sydney researchers have developed an AI application using cartoons from The New Yorker to help people be funnier.
11 April 2024

Net Zero course to equip business leaders ahead of mandatory climate reporting deadline

The transition to net zero is the great challenge of this century, and more support is now available for businesses preparing for new climate reporting requirements.
11 April 2024

Plant more native trees to reduce landslide risk, say researchers

Landslides typically occur under heavy rain. With the potential for increased precipitation due to climate change and a possible return to La Nina reinforcing slopes with native trees and shrubs could be an effective, economical and sustainable solution.
05 April 2024

New privacy-preserving robotic cameras obscure images beyond human recognition

Robotic researchers have developed a new approach to designing cameras, which they say could help protect the images and data collected by smart home devices and internet-of-things technology.
03 April 2024

Five Sydney researchers honoured by Australian Academy of Science

Australian Academy of Science recognises outstanding work in geosciences, mathematics, solar energy research, biomedical engineering and applied biological sciences.
26 March 2024

Why study environmental engineering at Sydney?

When you study environmental engineering at Sydney, you will cultivate a diverse set of engineering skills and work with cutting-edge technologies to tackle some of the world’s most pressing climate issues.

14 March 2024

Advanced photonics lab backed by industry partnership

The state-of-the-art photonics lab provides students with valuable experiential learning on advanced photonic technologies.
08 March 2024

Necessity is the mother of invention for this Ukrainian scholar

Professor Kuznietsova is among three Ukrainian researchers who have joined the Faculty of Engineering, with a fourth researcher joining the Faculty of Science in April. From the safety of Sydney, they have contributed to Ukraine's rebuilding effort with innovative and agile solutions borne from the hardships of war.
07 March 2024

Mid-career engineering researchers awarded $1.9 million in ARC Industry Fellowships

Professor Jinman Kim and Professor Yuan Chen from the Faculty of Engineering lead the University of Sydney’s ARC Industry Fellowship awards.