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Centre for Distributed and High-Performance Computing

Building Australia’s competitiveness in distributed computing

We are leaders in multidisciplinary research that advances information technology, cloud computing, distributed computing, cybersecurity, green computing and other application domains.

About the centre

Distributed computing systems underpin research and development in many sectors including engineering, business, banking and finance, life and medical science, and natural and physical sciences.

Research in distributed and high-performance computing is critical to Australia’s scientific reputation and competitiveness. This has prompted enormous investment in high-performance computing facilities and infrastructure over many years and through several national initiatives. 

The Centre for Distributed and High-Performance Computing was established to complement these initiatives by providing an incubator for academic and research leadership in Australia and around the world.

It provides streamlined research, technology exploration and advanced training programs in high-performance computing. 

The centre increases collaborative opportunities for researchers by providing a focal point for research that spans several disciplines, including algorithms, big data analytics, databases, green computing, data centres and clouds, networking, the Internet of Things and service science.

The centre strengthens research and fosters collaborative opportunities with the ICT sector and others such as biotechnology and finance. It offers specialised expertise that complements current ICT research efforts.

The combined team comprises nearly 50 academics, research staff, affiliates and postgraduate students, and is anticipated to grow over the next few years.

Key objectives

  1. Establish a unique national centre that stimulates research in the field of distributed and high-performance computing, based upon implementation and experimentation and in particular to encourage testing, evaluation and reuse of parallel and distributed algorithms.
  2. Create a focal point for collaboration among professionals from a range of disciplines.
  3. Provide independent expert advice to various bodies, media and industries.
  4. Develop a critical mass of researchers to increase leverage of grants and industry funding, achieved by the combination of individually strong but currently fragmented research groups.
  5. Convert research outcomes into practical applications for industry and income creation.

Our research

Our people

  • Mr Gordon Bell
  • Professor Richard Brent, Australian National University
  • Mr Peter Kerney, Intel
  • Mr Quinton Anderson, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Professor Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida USA
  • Professor Howard Jay Siegel, Colorado State University USA
  • Mr John Warren, The University of Sydney
  • Dr Mazin Yousif, T-Systems International

Professor Albert Y Zomaya has the following affiliates and collaborators:

  • Professor Javid Taheri, Karlstads Universitet, Sweden
  • Dr Young Choon Lee, Macquarie University
  • Professor Samee U Khan, North Dakota State University, USA
  • Professor Flávia C Delicato, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Professor Zahir Tari, RMIT University
  • Professor Pascal Bouvry, University of Luxembourg
  • Professor Paulo F Pires, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Professor Rajiv Ranjan, Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Tanveer Zia, Charles Sturt University
  • Dr Paul D Yoo, Cranfield University, UK
  • Dr Weisheng Si, Western Sydney University
  • Professor Lizhe Wang, China University of Geosciences
  • Professor Ting Yang, Tianjin University, China
  • Dr Chen Wang, CSIRO
  • Professor Guoqiang Mao, University of Technology Sydney
  • Professor Paul Watson, Newcastle University, UK
  • Dr Nikos Tziritas, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

We greatly appreciate the organisations who provide our past and current sources of funding – the Australian Research Council, CISCO, ERICSSON, IBM, Microsoft, Sun, Smart Internet CRC, Department of Education, Science, and Technology, Data61, DSTO, CSIRO and others.

Centre Director

Professor Albert Zomaya
Professor Albert Zomaya
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