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Solar panels with wind mills in background

Carbon neutral futures

Driving us towards a clean and sustainable future

We aim to significantly decrease carbon emissions by optimising existing systems and processes, and developing new systems within the energy and materials production sector.

Key focus areas

Our experts: Professor Ali Abbas, Professor Andrew Harris, Professor Jun Huang, Emeritus Professor Brian Haynes

We're focusing on capturing, utilising and reducing carbon dioxide through advanced chemical engineering.

This includes, for example, developing membrane systems to provide high selectivity and permeability for carbon dioxide, which may be effective for carbon capture from power plants.

We're also developing novel catalysts for reducing carbon dioxide production in chemical processes and improve energy efficiency in thermal power production through process optimisation.

Our experts: Professor Yuan Chen, Professor Zongwen Liu

Energy storage is becoming a key part of our economy. Whether in our phones, tablets, laptops or electric vehicles, batteries and supercapacitors will facilitate a carbon neutral future by storing energy from renewable power systems for later use.

Our focus is on new materials and technologies for primary and secondary energy storage in batteries, ranging from wearable textile batteries to grid-connected chemical plants storing energy from renewable sources.

In addition to individual energy storage units, we also research “whole-of-system” optimisation to reduce costs and increase effectiveness of energy storage in energy systems such as power grids.

Our experts: Professor Yuan Chen, Professor PJ Cullen, Professor Zongwen Liu, Dr Fengwang Li, Dr Li Wei, Emeritus Professor Brian Haynes 

The efficient energy conversion between renewable energy sources and chemical fuels opens new paths towards a sustainable future.

Our work focuses on scientific research and technological development of novel catalysts for water electrolysers and various fuel cells.

We're also working on improved methane conversion processes and large-scale clean energy and materials production.