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Centre for Sustainable Energy Development

Exploring clean, renewable and sustainable energy systems

We focus on clean energy technologies and their role in mitigating climate change, and explore new ways to help deliver sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

About the centre

The Centre for Sustainable Energy Development within the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering was established in 2010, with the vision of providing a systems-based research approach to the fields of renewable and distributed energy systems, sustainable technology and green engineering.

This approach, enhanced by the utilisation of the Laboratory for Sustainable Technology and other facilities within the faculty, provides an important resource for both industry and the wider community to develop new or improved sustainable energy processes and to understand the complexities related to these issues.

Our research

Our experts: Mr Sarkis Keshishian, Mr Ben Chivers
Industry partner: Redflow
Laboratory: Plasma Treatment Facility (Energy Storage Laboratory)

Battery energy storage is expected to become a key component of future electricity grids. This will require improved battery materials for lower cost, higher performance and longer life. This project is developing a new surface activation process for battery materials using a novel plasma treatment developed in the centre.

Our experts: Ms Elizabeth Tomc, Ms Tu Tu, Mr David Conroy
Laboratory: High-performance computing (Artemis)

Sustainable energy systems are evolving both within and isolated from, conventional energy systems bringing a level of variability that must be understood. In addition to variability arising from weather and environmental conditions, the often distributed nature of sustainable systems requires more complex and sophisticated modelling. This is being developed and used in the Centre to enable planners and system operators better understand these interactions.

Our laboratories and facilities

The Energy Storage Laboratory is a materials and electro chemical laboratory used for battery materials, especially in flow systems, design and prototyping electrodes, cells and their testing.

The Laboratory for Sustainable Technology undertakes multidisciplinary research to develop sustainable products and processes which maximise resource and energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact

Our modern, high-performance parallel computing facilities are located throughout the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology.

Our people