Solar panels

Sustainable energy development consultancy services

Expertise in clean, renewable and sustainable energy systems

We offer testing and consultancy services to our industry partners and other community groups in a broad range of areas relating to the fields of renewable and distributed energy systems, and sustainable technology.

Testing and consulting

Our expertise can provide guidance on the simulation and modelling of energy storage systems, from micro to grid-scale effects.

We also provide standard and specialised testing using a range of battery specific testing including:

  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • electrode testing
  • cell design and manufacture.


The centre is open to working with community and not-for-profits groups, where sustainable technical solutions are needed.

For example, we have worked in collaboration with Sustainable House to develop a solar-powered automated watering system for an EcoPOP planter. The brief involved the creation of a robust and reliable automated water pumping system that would run on solar power and could be programed to provide irrigation to the plant bed. Our solution provided sufficient energy storage to allow for many days of low solar radiation, with low standby power consumption. An Arduino microcontroller was used to manage the pump, solenoid operation and energy supply.


Please contact the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering for further information: