Concrete being stress tested

Structural engineering testing and consultancy services

Testing and consultancy in structural engineering

We offer a range of testing and consultancy services to our industry partners including structural testing, forensic and proof engineering, product development and customised structural design software.


We provide standard and specialised testing using a range of static and dynamic testing equipment together with a wide range of independent actuators, controllers, transducers and data loggers.

Our services also include control testing, proof testing, product development, model testing, environmental testing and analysis confirmation, and mechanical testing, as well as prototype testing and calibrations.

Our expertise can provide guidance on the design of structures and components, product development, advanced computer analysis and structural testing.

We offer independent checks of design calculations for structural adequacy, including large and unusual structures, involving structural analysis and calculations to Australian and/or international design standards.

Our services can provide independent investigation and a thorough assessment of the causes of structural failures.

We contribute to the Australian standards relating to structural design through research and service on Standards Australia’s technical committees.

We can design models of structures and structural components, including unusual and difficult structures. We also offer specialised design assistance such as design code interpretation and development of design procedures.

There is also availability for design calculations relating to load tables and the like, typically for new products. This can be produced in the form of either published tables or software. 

Our services extend to providing independent expert advice for legal proceedings.

We supply high-quality computer software packages to facilitate design and analysis, particularly relating to steel products in accordance with AS 4100, AS/NZS 4600 and other relevant standards and codes.

There is also scope for the development of customised software for new products.

Training programs for the professional development of practicing engineers are available on request.


Mursi Mohanad

Manager Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering
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  • Room 373 Civil Engineering J05